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Now, Yercaud has an assembly constituency (Scheduled Tribal Area) is part of Salem (Lok Sabha constituency).

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Coffee was first cultivated on the "Grange Estate" in 1820, when coffee plants were brought from Africa to Yercaud by Mr. The indigenous inhabitants of Yercaud is known as Malayas (Hill men) or Vellalas.

Scenically, Yercaud is as enchanting and picturesque as the hill stations on the Eastern Ghats and trekking will be an experience. Trees of cinnamon has been introduced in Yercaud by Mr. The cool climate attracted Christian missionaries, who established the Sacred Heart Convent for girls, the Nazareth Girls' Hr. School for Girls, and the Montfort School for boys. He was the only European Zamindar in the Presidency. The first Indian coffee planter to settle in these hills was Mr.

The total extent of Yercaud Taluk is 382.67 km Sir Thomas Munroe, erstwhile governor of Madras Presidency in 1822 found this place. Schools such as the Holy Cross Novitiate House, started by the Brothers of Don Bosco, followed these. MSP Rajes whose father started off by trading with the European planters.

This struggle for succession finally resulted in the British bringing this area under their rule in 1842. An underground cellar to store food for over 6 months in the event of a siege was also built & stocked. There are 67 Revenue villages which have been grouped into nine Tariffs for the sake of administration, and each Tariff has one village administrative officer.

All Europeans in the area were to assemble at the Grange in the event of an uprising. Yercaud Taluk is divided into three Firkas viz., Yercaud, Vellakkadai and Puthur.

There is a 7-day exhibition of flower shows, dog shows, boating races and a village fair. Alternatively, it can also be accessed from Dharmapuri via Kanavaipudur The Shevaroys as per the local inhabitants consisted of Selanadu (Area south and east of the Shevaroyan Temple) Muttanadu (Land in and around the shevaroyan Temple) and Moganadu (area North of the Temple).

In 1842, after the death of the Pattakarar (Tribal Chief) of the Shevaroys there was trouble between the various Malaiyalis. Cockburn & after the Indian Mutiny in 1857, fearing trouble, The Grange, Yercaud was fortified & ramparts built to accommodate gun placements & canons were installed.

Cab drivers said bookings had been continuous throughout the day and they had an opportunity to make up for the losses that they suffered due to a day-long strike on Wednesday.

However, they had to cancel a few trips due to the long waiting period.

Some of the original forests still exist in the Yercaud hills and contain several endemic species of plants and fauna.

The Yercaud hills have many faunal and floral similarities to the Western Ghats.

“No auto driver switched on the meters and all the cabs surged their prices by at least 50-70 percent.

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