Cleveland dating ideas

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Cleveland dating ideas

Every problem is multi-faceted, and requires different areas of expertise and thinking to find a long term solution.This event reminded me of the importance of collaboration across industries to find new, innovative solutions that drive long term change in a community.

As I mentioned, an idea can only go so far without the necessary funding and support it needs to scale.The lesson: the way an idea is conveyed, and the story behind it matter.Ideas need platforms that allow them to be heard by the community.Another important element of pitching an idea is the ability to share the story behind why the idea was born and why it matters.Bob Sferra inspired and moved the audience by crafting his pitch around the story of how his first hand experiences with homeless youth in the community gave him the idea to create change, and how this idea could positively impact their lives for the future.Her idea alone is tremendously worthy and needed, but it was her undying, raw emotion behind why she wanted to see her idea succeed that moved not only myself, but I will so boldly say the entire audience to want to help make it succeed.

A leader needs to have the drive to find the resources, talent, and support it needs to thrive.What was so unique about Accelerate 2015 was that it created an opportunity for any person in the community to share an idea in a room full of leaders and community members with the ability to help foster the idea to fruition.Cities need to have these types of platforms accessible to the community for ideas to be heard.The presenter of the idea must be able to capture and hold audience attention.Chris Webb's pitch was a testament to this truth, as he shared during his pitch how he honed his speaking abilities in college to be able to capture support for the community he loves and share his ideas vividly and effectively.Ideas need leaders with a burning passion to see them succeed.

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