Cleveland dating ideas

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Cleveland dating ideas

Over the past 4 years of living in a startup hub, hearing pitches, and connecting with community leaders on a daily basis, I was blown away at the Accelerate 2015 event in Cleveland, Ohio.Imagine Shark Tank meets Ted Talks, with 25 community members pitching their ideas for civic change to create positive impact in the Cleveland community.

As I mentioned, an idea can only go so far without the necessary funding and support it needs to scale.

Individuals with a passion like hers are guaranteed to bring all of these necessary elements together. I've seen hundreds of pitches at this point in my career, and I was still wildly impressed and excited by the pitches I saw at this event.

For an idea to be heard, it must be pitched in a way that is heard by the audience.

Ideas need leaders with a burning passion to see them succeed.

I have never been to a pitch competition where each and every entrepreneur had such a contagious and inspiring passion to not only see their idea succeed, but for why their idea should exist in the world.

A city needs leaders and successful businesses to reach out to these new entrepreneurs, and create both funding and mentoring opportunities.

What good is a business's success if they aren't giving back to others with the potential to create even more positive change in their community?

What was so unique about Accelerate 2015 was that it created an opportunity for any person in the community to share an idea in a room full of leaders and community members with the ability to help foster the idea to fruition.

Cities need to have these types of platforms accessible to the community for ideas to be heard.

What I have found is that the more diverse people and skill sets are within a conversation, the more successful ideas and solutions come from those types of interactions.

You never know who you will meet, and you never know who will have the missing puzzle piece that will solve your problem.

One person can bring an idea to life, but it takes a community of support to bring sustained success, and the ability for the idea to create positive long term impact in the community.

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