Android setsummary not updating

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Here is a simple standalone Winforms custom control, derived from the standard Text Box, that allows only System.

Make sure to set it back to I have made something for this on Code Plex. The source is a bit too large to publish here, but here is a link to the class that handles the core of this logic.

Take a look at Input handling in Win Form I have posted my solution which uses the Process Cmd Key and On Key Press events on the textbox.

The comments show you how to use a Regex to verify the keypress and block/allow appropriately. All other characters are ignored and the cursor position maintained.

It can also choke when the file contains records with differing number of columns. It expects the source tree to follow Maven defaults such as src/main/java.

Time for Open Lane to get more real with a user sign up feature. The only significant change was to add my application id’s and fix some the version in some Spring dependencies that were sharing the version.

It contains an unique identifier for each swimmer along with important name and demographic information. The generated Eclipse project also defaults to Java 1.5 and Web 2.5.

The data for this table is loaded from another system and should exist prior to a user attempting to sign up. I’d prefer it to Java 1.6 or event 1.7 and Web 3.0. During all of this I found a bug in Having added some user authentication to my open lane application the next step involved associating the user with a profile.

I've looked at the Masked Text Box control but I'd like a more general solution that could work with perhaps a regular expression, or depend on the values of other controls.

Ideally this would behave such that pressing a non numeric character would either produce no result or immediately provide the user with feedback about the invalid character.

Java enumerators can also be used to encapsulated conversion functionality.

In the case of this application the meet, event, swimmer, and entry records are imported from a CSV file. Freestyle, Backstroke) filed that is coded using a number.

Here's the MSDN article on the topic: TL; DR version: check the .