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The loves, exes and relationships of Robert Downey Jr., listed by most recent.

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They are soundly defeated by a Girl Scout troop in a local qualifying match, but win by default when the Scouts are disqualified because of one member’s steroid and beaver tranquilizer use.

However upon noticing a loophole in the contract with Kate, White arranges for her to be fired from her law firm so that dating him would not be a conflict of interest in itself.

This infuriates Kate and motivates her to join the Average Joe’s team.

White declares the victory meaningless, since Peter had sold Average Joe’s to him the previous night, but Peter reveals that he used White’s 0,000 to bet on Average Joe’s to win; with the odds against them at 50 to 1, he has won million.

He can now buy a controlling interest in Globo-Gym, which now also includes Average Joe’s, and fire White.

When he defaults on the gym’s mortgage, it is purchased by his rival White Goodman (Ben Stiller), a fitness guru and owner of the successful Globo-Gym across the street.

Unless Peter can raise ,000 in thirty days to cover his mortgage, White will foreclose on Average Joe’s and demolish it to build a parking garage for his gym members.After a fierce game, Peter and White face off in a sudden-death match to determine the winner.Inspired by a vision of Patches, Peter blindfolds himself and is able to dodge White’s throw and strike him, winning the championship and the prize money.Average Joe’s employees Dwight (Chris Williams) and Owen (Joel David Moore) and members Steve “the Pirate” (Alan Tudyk), Justin (Justin Long), and Gordon (Stephen Root) try to raise the money needed to save the gym.Gordon suggests that they enter a dodgeball tournament in Las Vegas with a ,000 prize. Age: 52 Birthplace: Freeport, Illinois, United States of America Also Ranked #55 on Guests You Hope to See on Late Show with Stephen Colbert co-star Marisa Tomei in 1994.