Nude pictures on free dating sites

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Nude pictures on free dating sites

It may ruin their reputation forever.lonelynow then08Oh so true!this was a long time ago..i will share....i was once talking to a man on the phone, and after talking to him for about 10 minutes he told me that he was playing with himself and started turning the conversation to the topic of sex. i figured a guy like that is just looking for a phone sex hook up and is probably married.

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obviously, a man that would do that is too cheap to pay for phone sex, which is what he should be doing.

anyway, the guy kept trying to message me for weeks after that. guys who ask for full body pics, or naked pics are making it very clear who they are...i figure they are just like the guy on the phone...except they are looking for the visual stimuli..either way, it's the same malady...looking for a cheap thrill at the expense of someone else...btw, when i was dating on here, i always had "looking for LTR" on my profile..these types of men were just creeps... Please put in more of an effort and I expect you to report scores of willies received in your inbox when next you check in!

It went wrong for me once, when I was 23 I had a date with this beautiful girl - she'd sent me topless shots and had the most ridiculously large breasts you can imagine, but her figure hid it really well.

Once you've seen a picture like that - where is your attention going to wander to on date ?

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Occasionally I like to mix it up and throw in a picture of a dead body.

If they request a dirty picture in return, I always like to oblige them with a picture of actual dirt.

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