Gmail backdating email

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Gmail backdating email - what type of questions do dating sites ask

LDAP settings for non anonymous bind session data losses - logout after a period of inactivity Hide field depending on dropdown Backdating time Reassigning tasks to different projects / clients Problem with predefined expenses with comma as decimal mark Anuko Time Tracker uses email to send reports and invoices. // define('MAIL_SMTP_PORT', '465'); // define('MAIL_SMTP_USER', '[email protected]'); // define('MAIL_SMTP_PASSWORD', 'yourpassword'); // define('MAIL_SMTP_AUTH', 'true'); // define('MAIL_SMTP_DEBUG', 'true'); Note: If your domain is set with some form of sender authentication using SPF, DKIM, or DMARC then you should comply with the sender authentication policy for good deliverability.Also, password reset feature in Time Tracker depends on working mail. In the case of SPF it means that the mail server must be authorized to send mail for your domain (as configured in its DNS records).

There's no way to truly send a message from a past date.Time Tracker configuration file ./WEB-INF/has the following directives for mail. In other words, mail must originate from a legitimate email server and not necessarily from a machine where Time Tracker application runs.There are two methods to send mail from Time Tracker - either through php mail function or directly through SMTP server.Regards, F Time timestamp is generated by the server, not the client.Even if you did manage to backdate the timestamp within the message itself, if the message was sent over the internet, the internet headers would reflect the true time.Email systems are designed to have these timestamps so messages cannot be generated with a custom date and time as the sender sees fit.

This type of functionality would have endless consequences to the legitimacy of the communications through email.

Depending on where Time Tracker is hosted, either one or both methods may work.

If it is unknown how hosting is configured try the mail method first.

Then copy any of them as you want to reflect the time in the e-mail you will send, and paste into the first field "TIMESTAMP" (onto the first page). Enter e-mail address in the "TO" field whom you want to send the email.

Timestamps for the mentioned time will generate on the page as figured below: (blue entries are the timestamp and will generate according to you mentioned the time you wan to generate) 4.

If you're trying to create an email that you were supposed to send at an earlier date but forgot to in another user's mailbox, this is technically impossible to do in Office 365.

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