Php validating date input

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Php validating date input - chengman dannie riel dating

Defaults to YYYY-MM-DD * @return boolean */ function validate_date( $date = null, $format = 'YYYY-MM-DD' ) If you know you’re going to be using a more modern version of PHP you can take advantage of the very cool and now native Date Time class.Among it’s many cool new features the best is Date Time::create From Format() which allows you to re-format an inputted date.

Date validation is Y2K38 aware: this platform dependent overflow problems of future dates (from 2038) using the class available since PHP 5.2.

All you need to do is include a This tells the browser that the form should not be allowed to submit without the checkbox checked.

Some, but not all, browsers will recognise and enforce this: The advantage of the HTML5 form validation is that it happens before our Java Script is called, displays instructions and points the user to the relevant element.

Not the prettiest solution, but functional in all browsers with Java Script enabled.

Adding HTML5 validation to the checkbox is actually very simple.

This feature gracefully degrades: Clonefish notifies the users with a message about the limitation of date validation on systems where Date Time class is not available, or in other words: users are not allowed to enter overflowing future dates when date validation is used.

When setting options via HTML attributes, remember to enable the validator by setting data-fv-date="true".

Until recently there has not been a good, native way of doing this, yes checkdate() has been around for a while but it’s particularly fussy with it’s input, what we needed was a mixture of date() where we can specify the input format and checkdate() to validate it. Technically available from PHP =5.3.0 due to bugs and missing features, (Date Time::create From Format or Date Time::get Last Errors in particular).

If you are still running an older version of PHP or are developing for Word Press, (Word Press’s minimum requirements are still 5.2.4 at the time of writing this), below is a very handy PHP date validator function I wrote.

Date validation allows validating a date against a format string, minimum/maximum date values and value of other fields (compared fields need to be date validated too). To create a format string, use the following date and/or time elements combined with some delimiter characters: Using these elements you can build most of the numeric date formats used in the world.

You can use any kind of delimiters in the format string.

Here you can see screen captures from Firefox and Chrome: Text alert messages are generated entirely by the browser and will even translate automatically into different languages - something that would be almost impossible using just Java Script.