Dating according catholic church

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Dating according catholic church

Now in the interest of full disclosure here, I have to tell you that I’ve always been a fan of dogs, having been trained and owned by several of them over the years, including our currently reigning monarch, a Yorkie-Poo mix named “Joy.” Thinking about this situation, though, raised some questions about what an apparent lapdog would be doing in church, whether it was a real service dog or simply a pet, and what the policies of the Church might be regarding dogs in Mass.

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Based on information from one of the parishioners, this apparently was not a service dog, but a pet.A while back, an acquaintance asked if I’d seen a dog at Mass recently.Apparently, she had seen, during Sunday Mass, a lady carrying a small dog with her in a bag when she went up to receive Communion.Yet there should be some possible solution that would allow both the person who needs the service dog and the person who is allergic to it to both partake of the liturgy of the Mass.Perhaps service dogs and their owners might have a separate area reserved for them, with signage indicating that is the case in order to allow anyone who has a problem with dogs to sit elsewhere.On the other hand, some people are allergic to pet dander.

Even a well-behaved, highly trained canine may cause them from mild to more extreme levels of discomfort.At a parish where we lived previously, one family trained dogs to become service dogs and we would see them every weekend with a well-behaved golden retriever or two in Mass.From my family’s perspective, the dogs were not the source of any distraction, nor of any disruptions, during the liturgy.On the other hand, an “emotional support” dog is one which provides comfort or emotional support for the owner by virtue of its presence, but not because it is trained to do some specific task.The dog may be considered very valuable for and by its owner, but a service dog it is not.Nor does having a priest bring his pet with him when he celebrates Mass.

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