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North Carolina's fight over LGBT protections is part of a larger recent shift in political dynamics: States are thwarting local laws any chance they get -- while simultaneously complaining about federal intrusion on their own.Divided government is always challenging, but what's happening in Maine right now -- where Gov.

The aim of the Veterans Justice Outreach (VJO) program is to avoid the unnecessary criminalization of mental illness and extended incarceration among Veterans by ensuring that eligible, justice-involved Veterans have timely access to Veterans Health Administration (VHA) services, as clinically indicated.

Old houses are being torn down and replaced in suburbs all over the country.

But not everyone, especially the people being priced out of once-affordable neighborhoods, is happy seeing the past obliterated.

New York has been reluctant to embrace technology when it comes to counting votes.

Could the state’s hesitation be the source for its recent election debacles?

They also ousted several tough-on-crime prosecutors, as well as Trump ally Joe Arpaio.

Conservatives and liberals are teaming up to restrict or ban the laws that let officers seize billions of dollars a year from people who haven’t been convicted or, sometimes, even charged with a crime.

The president's "America First" message and his new trade barriers have caused anxiety in states where the economy depends on investment from abroad.

It's pushing governors to hone their diplomatic skills.

But the legal hurdles involved in changing pension benefits can be formidable as well.

Most states and cities stopped requiring that recipients be fingerprinted because it was costly and slowed the application process.

But policies that sell well in cities won't always work statewide.

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