Dating many men at once

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You order 10 at once online, try them all on in one session, and pick the best of the bunch. Here are the 6 hidden downsides to dating multiple men at once based on my personal experience.Seeing too many guys at once causes havoc in your calendar.

You either end up stretching yourself too thin, or unintentionally letting your dates down. You don’t remember what you have or haven’t already told them, and it’s easy to put your foot in your mouth. When they ask you what you did on Saturday, you tell them you stayed in to watch Downton Abbey (when you were actually downtown getting wasted with Mr Saturday night).This dating theory, devised by relationship coach and former crisis counsellor Rori Raye, requires you to be seeing a minimum of three men at one time - but does it just leave your confused and knackered?Online dating apps have made it entirely possible to go out with a different guy every night of the week. Everything is so close that it’s almost no extra effort to squeeze in a first date en route to dinner with friends. I’ve capped my New York dating to strictly no more than 3 men per week. It’s the perfect excuse to try out every hot bar and eatery in the city.You’re having fun though, so there’s little incentive to bring up the serious stuff.It’s more comfortable talking weather and cocktails, than telling him about the time your ex broke your heart, or reliving your bout of depression last year.Send your anonymous sex and dating questions to [email protected], and we'll answer them in our new advice column, 99 Problems.

Finding a worthwhile partner can be a serious process. This is the typical reaction when a friend suggests that maybe that guy whose been dangling you along for months is juggling a couple other women.But, the guilty conscience associated with dating multiple people has been worn down over the years.If you’re juggling too many dating balls, sooner or later you’ll drop one.Your dating pipeline has paid off and it’s going well – with 3 different guys. Heavy petting has ensued, and sex is on the horizon. For some women, it might feel like Christmas has come early. Sex can bring intense emotions and vulnerabilities to the surface; we’re not all wired to open up this way to multiple people at once. He’s attractive, charming, and picks great restaurants.In an instant you decide he’s boring, and you’ll never make it as a couple.

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