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We wanted to say to people, Look, but aren't we very clever?I can't be bothered now to write all them long sections, I just wanna see some good songs...

This was intended to be the record to break the American market, and Dunnery promised simpler songs with "a stronger taste of blues." However, tensions within the band reached breaking point during the pre-rehearsal period, and it was confirmed to the band's fanclub in November 1990 that the band had parted company with Francis Dunnery.

The band toured with Go West and Marillion in late 1987, played major European outdoor festivals (including the Montreaux Jazz Festival, broadcast live across Europe by Swiss TV) and supported Robert Plant in early 1988.

This diverse set of support slots revealed a problem in marketing the band which would last throughout their career.

Louis phase (during which they produced detailed hard rock songs with elements of heavy metal and glam rock); and the current reunion phase (in which they play a more measured melodic progressive rock similar to that of the Once Around The World phase).

The band have historically incorporated and quoted from a wide variety of additional styles including jazz fusion, sea shanty, soul, children's songs, reggae, go-go, classical, music hall, and swing.

Now minus Dunnery, the remaining trio initially stayed on in Los Angeles, continuing to write and auditioning new singers.

Returning to England, they recruited Lee Knott as the new It Bites singer.The album featured a harder-edged, more guitar-orientated sound than before, with shorter, punchier songs and the direct progressive rock influences cut back.In contemporary interviews, Dunnery claimed to have become dissatisfied with the more technical and virtuosic side of It Bites' music as demonstrated on the previous album - "That was very important to us at the time.6 in the UK Singles Chart and gaining the band a huge amount of radio play and many television appearances (including Top of the Pops, Wogan, and The Old Grey Whistle Test).All three singles appeared on the first It Bites album The Big Lad In The Windmill (produced by Alan Shacklock), which was released in the summer of 1986 but met with only moderate commercial success, despite charting at number 35.The band began recording their second album Once Around The World with producer Mark Wallis in mid-1987.