Error validating application

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Error validating application - Free websex

For more information, see Using PKI on the Edge Transport Server for Domain Security.

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It's generally a best practice to use certificates from trusted third-party certification authorities (CA).

The string specified in the second argument in the function invocation is displayed as the tooltip when the mouse is moved over the Error indicator.

When the user enters data in the controls which fails validation, a blinking error image is displayed on the form next to the control and the error message is displayed as a tooltip to the error image.

You can customize the Error Provider control to set the Blink Rate and Blink Style.

You can also display a custom error image instead of the default image. This article should not be construed as a best practices white paper.

This status message indicates that the system time is incorrect, the certificate has expired, or the time of the system that signed the file is incorrect.

Verify that the following conditions are true: This status message indicates that the certificate chain is corrupted or otherwise unreliable.This status message indicates that you must enable the certificate for use in the current application.For example, if you're trying to use this certificate for Domain Security, the certificate must be enabled for SMTP.An end-entity certificate is a certificate that has been created for specific application cryptographic usage.Generate a new certificate by using the New-Exchange Certificate cmdlet, or contact your certification authority to validate the certificate. We will implement the business rule to allow test appointments to be setup on weekdays only using validation on the form.

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