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And then the Gurkhas appeared on the world scene a couple of hundred years ago and brought with them their traditional weapon, the khukuri. Swords of this type are found as 'Kopis' on Greek vase paintings..the word and the type are Egyptian..classification ['Kopis'] covers the Turkish and Balkan Yataghan , the [Nepalese] Kukri, the [Indian] Sosun Pattah, and the South Indian flamboyant sword. Prithvi Narayan died in 1775 and was succeeded by his son Bahadur Shah, who continued to pursue a policy of expansion. "Being a Nepali in Northeast India: predicaments of a 'privileged nation'".

For centuries this blade-form lay dormant in the world, being kept alive only in India and Nepal. The term was adopted by Lane-Fox, afterwards Pitt-Rivers, from the Greek. Zeitschrift für vergleichende Sprachforschung auf dem Gebiete des Deutschen, Griechischen und Lateinischen 12.2 (1863): 81-138. Then, in the 18th-century, the ruler of Gorkha (in central Nepal, about 100km west of Kathmandu), King Prithvi Narayan Shah, conquered various warring principalities (most importantly in the Kathmandu Valley) and formed a united Nepal, founding the modern state of Nepal.

However, it is also possible that the khukuri is simply a design native to the hills of the Himalayas, perhaps originating from an agricultural tool (as which it continues to serve to the present day). The earliest known history of Nepal begins with the Kiratis, who seem to have arrived in Nepal from the east in the 8th or 7th century BC.

This seems to be the view of Lord Egerton of Tatton, who writes: '[the Gurkhas'] national weapon is the Kukri , originally a kind of bill-hook, for cutting through small wood in the dense low jungles of the Teraí and the Himalayans' (pg. The Nepalese also use a larger knife, or sword, called a kora, which also has an inner cutting edge like the khukuri. (16) * John Powell tells me that the 'blood-groove', though sometimes referred to as a 'Sword of Shiva' (on the HI forum & Khukuri FAQ), is not called by this name in Nepal. ' They showed me, saying 'That is Bhadgaon, that is Patan and there lies Kathmandu'. London: School of Oriental & African Studies, 1984 (2nd ed., 1991). [reprinted with corrections, Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 2002] (9) Schmidt, Ruth Laila with Ballabh Mani Dahal, et al. They are said to have favoured long knives (which may be an ancestor of the khukuri).

The unique shape of the khukuri makes it excellent both for chopping wood and for hacking through dense jungles and forests - serving as a combination of an axe and a machete - and anything else requiring a good knife. reprinted, New Delhi: Asian Educational Services, 2001. An Account of the Kingdom of Nepal, and of the Territories Annexed to this Dominion by the House of Gorkha. reprinted, New Delhi: Asian Educational Service, 1986. (4) Krauskopff, Gisèle and Pamela Deuel Meyer (eds.) with Tek Bahadur Shrestha, Kurt Meyer & Tej Panjiar. Los Angeles: rusca Press & Kirtipur (Nepal): Research Centre for Nepal and Asian Studies, Tribhuvan University, 2000.

This makes it a particularly ideal item for the outdoorsman, hunter, hiker or explorer--or anyone who needs a rugged multi-functional blade.

The ensuing battle was brief, but the British fought hard to hold their ground until finally being forced to surrender. The Nepali form khukuri shows (1) simplification of the initial cluster ksh to kh and (2) reduplication of the resulting root khur- to khukuri- (showing (3) loss of aspiration on the non-reduplicated part of the stem, presumably as part of Grassmann's rule which forbids two aspirated consonants to appear in a stem). A descriptive grammar of Nepali and an analyzed corpus. The late king's brother, Gyanendra ascended to the throne and quickly restored stability.

According to legend, when asked why he had not fled as well, Young replied, 'I have not come so far to run away. For about a year the Gorkhas held Young captive but during this year the Gorkhas developed a sincere and deep respect for Young and the British fighting spirit which much resembled their own. The founder of the modern state of Nepal, His Majesty King Prithvi Narayan Shah, described Nepal over two centuries ago as 'a flower garden of four castes and thirty-six tribes' (Yadava & Glover p.

Eventually, as a result of boundary disputes and repeated raids by Gurkha columns into British East India Company territory, the British Governor General declared war on Nepal in 1814. The Rise of the House of Gorkha: a study in the unification of Nepal 1768-1816. The Greek leader, Alexander the Great, crossed the river Indus with his army in 326 B. And even at this time, he found Greek settlements already established in this part of India. Relations with British India were improved when Jung Bahadur assisted in quelling the Sepoy Rebellion (Indian Mutiny) of 1857 with Gurkha troops.

After two long and bloody campaigns a Peace Treaty was signed at Sugauli in 1816. The Greeks have long been known to the Indians, called in Sanskrit Yavana (based on the Greek Ionian ). Slade]'At Harasnath [in Rajasthan]...appears a relief showing a group of sword of the greatest interest...their blades are angled sharply forward. When Britain withdrew from India in 1947-8, the support of the Rana government was weakened. A system of 'Panchayat' democracy was established, under which political parties were not allowed. I., etc., etc., of Nepal by his son the late General Pudma Jung Bahadur Rana.

The buttcap of the knife is said to resemble the eye of god - always watching, ever seeing.

The rings around the handle also mean something though their true significance has been lost in the mists of time.

During the war a deep feeling of mutual respect and admiration developed between the British and the Gurkhas, both sides being much impressed by the bravery, courage and decency of the other. The edge has a long concave curve recurving slightly at the tip, but the reverse edge shows a clear forward angle with a small ear at the apex. In 1950, King Tribhuvan fled to India and later lead in the democratic movement of the Nepali Congress Party and B. In 1989-90, the Nepali Congress Party with the support of the Communist Party of Nepal agitated against the 'panchayat' system; and, in 1991, a government was formed, headed by the Nepali Congress leader Krishna Prasad Bhattarai.

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