Liquidating estate quebec

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It shall be opened in Québec, and Québec law shall find application, when the deceased was domiciled in this province at the time of his death. provides the modalities for partitioning the deceased’s patrimony.The validity of any will shall thus be appraised under Québec law. The legal devolution of successions favours successors in function of their degree of relationship with the deceased.

In both cases, the greater portion devolves to the spouse.A disposition as to the transfer of property contained in a will is called a legacy.There are three (3) categories of legacies: A legatee (be he universal, by universal title, or by particular title) is entitled to the bequeathed property in the state it was in at the time of death. A universal legacy and a legacy by universal title create obligations for the legatee who accepts the legacy.However, in the absence of a will, the partition of the succession is defined by law. Such successions are called intestate (without testament). Only persons with ties of blood or of adoption with the deceased are concerned.When the deceased has not collected his last will in a testament, the liquidation of the succession is governed by the Civil Code of Québec (hereinafter designated the “C. The surviving married or civil union spouse can also claim rights to an intestate succession, as opposed to a common law spouse. Thus, if a person desires her common law spouse to inherit, she must provide legacies in a will, so as to avoid the consequences of the legal devolution.It is necessary to consult a notary or lawyer to obtain pertinent information for any specific case.

In an intestate succession, the law favours the deceased’s descendants.Indeed, when the spouse is also deceased or renounces the succession, the descendants receive the entirety of the succession.Moreover, even if the surviving spouse participates in the succession, more than half thereof devolves to the descendants.Indeed, he becomes responsible of the debts relative to the property.Universal legatees and legatees by universal title receive the property but must also assume the attending debts (hypothec, credit, etc.).This table constitutes a brief overview of the patrimony partitioning executed under civil law.

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