Vipre enterprise not updating defs

03-May-2020 12:45 by 4 Comments

Vipre enterprise not updating defs

After upgrading the Console from version 7.5 to 9.3 and one agent to 9.3, the agent is not wanting to update.

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You will need to plan for a possible reboot when updating the VIPRE Endpoint Security console.If the agents still will not update correctly after this try the following.copy the following text and save it as VIPREManual @echo off IF NOT EXIST C:\vipredefspkg md C:\vipredefspkg bitsadmin /transfer VIPREDownload Job /download /priority normal If they will not update after the batch file you can download the full update package from the following link and manually apply it on the server and they should start updating. I found what was preventing the agent to download the beetle updates from our server correctly.I'll let all our other technicians know about this for future reference to check and make sure that the polipo process from the VIPRE server is the one that is listening on this port and not something else.Hi, I just realised that the first download for the standard defs are still about 50mb and are supplied via the enterpriseservice.After a few minutes the console showed the agent was fully updated. Interesting, I would have never thought to check that.

We usually check that the port is open with telnet test only.

When the server is set as a Site Concentrator, by default, it uses port 8123.

I changed the port it uses to 8120 and let the server get the update.

We have a monitoring software on the server called Advanced Monitoring Agent by Logic Now.

This is used for monitoring as well as a Site Concentrator for Patch Management.

I have allowed all the required ports and server addresses in from the outside on our router. I have stopped the VIPRE Console Server Service and deleted the Threat DB and Threat DBFull folders.