Vipre enterprise not updating defs

03-May-2020 12:45 by 6 Comments

Vipre enterprise not updating defs - Live mobile cam to cam chat with girls from north carolina

After upgrading the Console from version 7.5 to 9.3 and one agent to 9.3, the agent is not wanting to update.

Hi, I just realised that the first download for the standard defs are still about 50mb and are supplied via the enterpriseservice.

We're upgrading to 9.3 this weekend, but we've had numerous scanning issues with 7.0 on our Remote Desktop servers for some time now.

I have a ticket open with support but am having an issue similar.

If the agents still will not update correctly after this try the following.

copy the following text and save it as VIPREManual @echo off IF NOT EXIST C:\vipredefspkg md C:\vipredefspkg bitsadmin /transfer VIPREDownload Job /download /priority normal If they will not update after the batch file you can download the full update package from the following link and manually apply it on the server and they should start updating. I found what was preventing the agent to download the beetle updates from our server correctly.

Since installing the VIPRE 9.3 Business edition server and agents, I have had a few cases of incremental definition updates failing.

When the incremental updates do fail, I can push out a full definition update which will complete in most cases.

After a "Healthy" status, I start the agent service and try to download updates from the server. Last week when I worked with support, we had cleared all the threatdb folders on the server and definitions on the agent.

A reboot was done later that same evening on both the server and the agent. Based on this fact, the support agent I worked with last week deemed it to be a network firewall issue and said I need to get with our network firewall support to verify setup. If this was indeed a network firewall issue then I do not believe I would be able to download updates via the internet from an agent attached to the same local network as the server. I do understand the issue and I'm more than sure the VIPRE server has not fully downloaded the updates.

Benjamin remoted into the agent on 06-27-16 and did some testing.

He was able to verify connectivity between the agent and the console but could not get the agent to update.

However, I do have a couple of remote agents that report the version 7.5 definition 48408 and continue to fail both incremental and full definition updates to the current 48430-7.65044 definition update.

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