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The human race, now numbering 6.5 billion people, has never faced a greater challenge, and there is no time for further delay. itno H news »iih Mm Travs; wuiy rrni Ehmt Daniel Aery; ccw H sfohoe rr cjretchen Vogel CEerlun: 49 «N 30 2809 3902. inxt, Wsdbnd Cen(rrtbr4 [-Lehr L ibr Aunt fn i J, Cc-Jspne ■inp F-r Phutip, rar^s ry Ponr, L'nrv. afi hfffwb S l*i Real; (meirt Mr CDtia Rt A-lien, Univ. With Eppendorf Advantage otters it is now easier than ever to add Eppendorf premium quality centrifuges to your Sab. The Unit sys- tematic studies of synchronization in biological systems (and, in parl Lukir, human physiology I Slutted with Pcs kin’s attempt to model st'l f- synchronimtion of CELEiliac pacemaker cells to understand the uenci'alioji of a hciirl K'al I 7). Device micrograph, magnetomotive characterization, and mode shape. FAX *49 (0 30 2809 8365); towni Niunitt cb Mesm«WJm Muhael Ball W {Paris), Martin Ensfrmk (Amsterdam and Paris), John Cannon (Vien njl; ■ wtun Krista Tala Asm Miwn Oi Fire: A»ca Corjwratien, £ifl Ishigka, Fusaio lamura. 541D046 Japan; 31 IQ) 6 6202 6272, FAX 81 ID) 6 6202 6271; [email protected] ns. u/Ciddornu, ^ {jttr t JCMl- Mvtfj Pi Awiiilij dfi Ar. | LETTERS vaccine in a prospective double-blind ran- domized trial (9). Ill biological ncu roe cun poling, neural networks si tow rtiyihmk behavior, exemplified in many Department of Physics, Boston University, 590 Com mo n- weallh Avenue, Gorton, MA 02215, USA. (A) Scanning electron micrograph of the coupled na no met ha n Seal oscillator, Two main beams, each 10 nm in length, are doubly clamped to contact pads a and b and to c and d, respectively.

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Bilde-Surenscn ei ai (j) also proposed a stoj- e biometric core model, hut the slip plane (located al the mid plane on the puckered A I layer) is not consistent with our images. Italy, Habaraloirc de PLsnetotogie de Grenoble, 3304 1 Grenoble France. techntsche urrieritwt Dresden, 0- 01962 Dresden, Germany, “Center for Earth and Planetary Studies, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, K 29560, USA, Center for Remote Sensing of ice Sheets, University of Kansas, Lawrence, K5 66945, USA. SCHt Terf Figi Si to 55 telfrence; B November 2006; adcepied 14 February 2007 10. 113 730 7 Giant Fluctuations of Coulomb Drag in a Bi layer System Elmran-c lee Lron senile ring, mid line result- ing momentum transfer between the layers, usually cremes a so-called positive Coulomb drag, where (lie current in tlie aclivc layer produces a charge How in tlw passive layer in A, 5, Price, 1 * A. At low temperatures the fluctuations exceed the average drag, giving rise to random changes of the sign of the drag.

(Mc Donald Institute Monographs, Mc Donald in strtute Dor Archaeological Research, Cambridge, 2003), pp, W-lll. A total basal dislocation is thus considered to possess two alomic slip planes.

It is important to note that these two partial motions are not independent in our proposed model. move simulta- neously on adjacent l UOUl) basal planes to complete die perfect dislocation slip.

stacking is preserved after (he dislocation motion, the Q sublatticc can also preserve a perfect slacking sequence by an appropriate small modification in thc O atom positions.

However, the devia- tions arc related to the positions of the Al atoms, neigh boring O, atoms and vaeanl sites sandwiched between (he O layers, Because the perfect A!

but Problems Persist at the 30 Smithsonian Design Flaw Could Delay Collider 31 Attosecond Laser Pulses Illuminate Fleeting Dance 33 of Electrons SCIENCESCOPE 33 H obb its Sla tus as a New Specie s Gets a H a nd U p 34 C hemi stry Reports Wa rn of Erod i ng Ame rica n 35 Research Lead Indonesia lo Share Flu Samples Under New Terms Ap poi n tee J Resh aped ' Science, Says Report 37 NEWS FOCUS An Asian Tiger's Bold Experiment 38 Hard Data on Hard Drugs, Grabbed From 42 the Environment The World Through a Chimp's Eyes 44 Ann erica n Physical Society Meeting 46 Experimenters Agree: You Can Cross Off F lowing Crystals Ultras hod laser Pulses See Inside Ihe Body Pulling Strings lo Untangle Catastrophe Making Articles Available for Flu Planning At. BIOCHEMISTRY An Af P Gale Controls Tubulin Binding by the 1 20 Tethered Head of Kinesin-1 M. Alonso el al The two-headed motor kinesin is gated by ATP independent d the microtubule along whkh it moves, contrary |g current models ol kinesin motion. 58 Giant Fluctuations ol Coulomb Drag in a Bilayer System A S. faena pouaa# un drift* if, i will ft ADVANCING SCIENCE, SE RVING SOCIETY au W »SS; Etta Ci Mii Hil d Omy) t IS. Canadian ni« amh Cat jfrti Ue *phi requnt C5T I12S4 Ml? Preserving a major proportion of the poorly known biological diversity of the world squires curbing the rates ufelimate change but also needs enhanced and innovative efforts to save surviving species. org SCIENCE VO L 3 1 6 6 APRI L 2007 17 m Introducing Our Second Generation Genome Sequencing System Genome Sequencer FLX | i - ' r - ■ILL |4| m In Be First to the Finish with... Department of I leakh and n Human Services Pandemic Influenza Plan S (2), The evidence that pneumococcal infec- tion played a major role in the 1918 in- fluenza pandemic is substantial, but seems to have been forgotten (3). Demonstration of multiple synchronized regions could be fundamentally important to neuroco imputing with mechanical oscillator networks and nano mechanics l signal processing for microwave communication. For instance, similarly lo the pre- vious extensive studies of the evolution of UCF wall increasing magnetic Held, such experi- ments can he performed on ihe lluctuatkms of drag.

Berger 49 Pneumococcal Vaccines and Flu Preparedness K. Price el al Electro ns I Lowing in one thin layer drag electrons in an underlying layer more than expected, implying that local electron properties are import ant in momentum exchange, » Perspective p. Global climate has already changed noticeably, with more than half of the increase in temperature since prei industrial times occurring since 1970. ■ Increased read lengths averaging 200 lo 300 bases per read ■ Throughput of more than 400,000 reads per run ■ I ligh single-read accuracy greater than 99.5% over 200 bases ■ l *o user i su s - rea d a cc u rac y grea le r t ha n 99 . Visit learn about the expanding mi inker of peer- reviewed publications appearing weekly. hi two studies, c ul tumble pneumococci could he found in the peripheral blood of 50 of 105 living sol- diers with influenza, during the pandemic in the United States and the UK {■/. and from 55 of M9 heart blood cultures taken from US, soldier influenza victims immedi- ately after death { 6* 7). Oepartme nt ol Health and Human Sciences, Wathinrjtqn, DC. T he concept of synchronized oscillation in coupled systems is pervasive in both na- ture , In physical systems, synchronization has been siudiix J for over three cciiluries, starting wilh I luygens' discovery of ihe phenomenon in two coupled pendulum ekieks |6) and leading to modern-day experiments on coherent radiation in coupled spin- torque nai Kvoscillotors (7 T and parametric resonance in mechanical oscillators l* ioi Frequency eiilrainment. of coupled micro and nanomechasiioai oscillators is of fu Eulumenml and technical interest. One of the important developments in the licld o f Coulomb drag fluctuations can be their study in quantizing magnetic fields, including the regimes of integer and fractional quanlum- llail el Tccis.

84 6 APRIL 2007 VOL 316 SCIENCE REPORTS suhla Uicc that is correlated with the backing of adjacent A I iayeis (J6).

The plain -view schematics of the present basal dislocation motion show that the proposed dislocation motion preserves a perfect stacking sequence in AL Layers (11).

Nothing in life is to be feared It is only to be understood. Lerner » Report p, 99 Searching for a Solid-State Terahertz Technology M. C Wanke CONTENTS continued » VOL 316 6 APRIL 2007 5 Sample technologies by QIAGEN Pre Dare for results ■ Protein, RNA, and DMA purification ■ Whole genome amplification ■ Epigenetics ■ Sample collection, stabilisation, and preparation ■ Plug and play automation with QIAcube Contact QIAGEN today or visit Qen.conn/aolo/Scrnole Tedi . CHEMISTRY Acid Catalysis in Bask Solution: A Supra molecular 85 Host Promotes Ortho for mate Hydrolysis M, Dr Plulh, ft G, Bergman, K. Raymond The eteclroslalic environment with in the cavity of a synthetic metat-Ugand duster enables acid catalysis in a bask solution. For instance, one may also envi- sion some mutual contacts between the Levantine Natufian culture and contem- porary autochthonous cultures of (he Lower Nile Valley (H 5,000 years ago). Th e cave art argument adduced by Forster and Romano has no impact on the issue of the late Near Eastern influx because hap- lograup U6 very dearly testifies to an early presence in North Africa of Near Eastern lin- eages, which must have proceeded to as llir as Northwest Africa with the ancestors of l he Ibexomatinisians before the Late Glacial Maximum LSj. The possibility for atomic-scab charac- terization of dislocation core structures will assist our understanding of dislocation activ- ity and: its effects on the electrical optical, and mechanical properties of complex, mul- ticomponent materials. 3 ligher-rvsohukm im- ages acquired by the Mars Orbital Camera on Mans Global Surveyor (MGS) indicated that the scale of layering extends down to the resolution of that camera: dial is, a lew meters (7), Topo- graphic daia obtained by die Mars Orb iter Laser Altimeter i MOLA) on MCi S showed dial the north PLD (NPLD) and the SPLD are similar in gross morphology and thickness |2). All previous studies of the Coulomb drag, however* refer to ihe macroscopic (aver- age) drag resistance.

Marie Curie Scientist (1867-1934) We work to encourage vision and creativity that extends well beyond the short-term. ••••• QIAGEN 5 Sample & Assay Technologies Science CONTENTS SCIENCE EXPRESS WWW. o rg CELL BIOLOGY Genes Required for Mitotic Spied le Assembly in Drosophila 52 Cells G . A whole -genome screen identilitt tiie 204 genes involved in assembling the mitotic spindle in flies and how they might contribute lo cancer and other abnormalities. 1138634 TECHNICAL COMMENT ABSTRACTS BREVIA ECOLOGY Comment on "Divergent Induced Responses lo an Invasive Predator in Marine Mussel Populations' P D. O, Yund , 5, M, Lindsay full text at tvww saef Kcmag.c rg Tcg tfcon J er\l/f tii U3 16/5821/5 3b Response to Comment on 'Divergent Induced Responses loan Invasive Predator in Marine Mussel Populations" A, 5, Freeman and]. c rgfrg Pror&ml/f ull/3 1 6J5 31 1/5 3c REVIEW OCEAN SCIENCE Atlan lit Me ridi ona L O vertur ni n g Circu Eation During 66 the Last Glacial Maximum /. ecology Rapid and Recent Changes in Fungal Fruiting Patterns 71 A. Gauge, l H, Sparks t L Boddy The length of the aut umn burling season lor I ungi in forest soil has increased far the past five decades, in parallel with temperature and rainfall increases in the United Kingdom. CONTENTS roniinjed » VOL 316 6 APRIL 2007 7 Science CONTENTS REPORTS CONTINUED,.. Later Neolithic influence then brought a whole package of Near Eastern mt DNA lineages into all of North Africa, as attested, Ibr instance, by the relatively high frequency of mt DNA haplograups H, J. Jhc anthropological evidence from North Africa, pointing lo the auto- chthonous Meclua- Afatau physical type, with continuity well into the Capstan of the mid -Holocene, gives clear support to the ancient presence of Upper Palaeolithic peo- ple in North Africa (5). Acid Catalysis in Basic Solution: A Supramolecuiar Host Promotes Orthoformate Hydrolysis Michael D. Bergman/ Kenneth N, Raymond* Although many enzymes can promote chemical reactions by tuning substrate properties purely through the electrostatic environment of a docking cavity, this strategy has proven challenging to mimic in synthetic host-guest systems. Both the NPLD and SPLD units arc roughly domical in shape and about 1 000 km across, with maximum relief relative in the surrounding icrniin of about 3,5 km, MOLA daia were used to estimate the volume of the PLD, which is equivalent to a global layer 16 to 22 m thick (2). Recently [here hue e been theoretical predictions of the possibility to I n conventional measurements of ihc re- sistance of a two Hdimcnsional (2D l layer, an electrical current is driven through the layer and the voltage drop along the layer is measured.

Drg F mrecth: Marten d 2 ended; m iuun Way Ion Butler; rsiems shcuusi Andrew Uargo.:cusi BMn service luntvrscw Pal Sutler; ekcimhh Laurie Elaker, Tamara Alison, Karena Smith, Vicki lintdii, Latoya Gtsloc-l; circulation associate Christopher flehce, batr enthv su Mmiscw Cyntb-a Fohnsnn; sp«i ALisrs Tomcka Diggs, larrika Mil, Erin Laync Bush ess Opteiiiori ud Amnmttuehn o Mtcigv Deborah Britrj- Wcnhefd; ini Miis wisik Bandy 7i; itnti ruhnisi iultu Lisa Donbvan; wimti anrlut ft Sika Taccney; (■*M*L*B*w Tr( Mxb*L Le Bue, Farida Yc-atmin; wtim AUi SHUitsib K: w Hi Ketii Atu* Emilif David; asshmie ELizabrth Sandler; jnmieimc: rn Kiwi John Meyers; HMi Lri NL Mtuun Darryl Waller, Alison Pritchard; mmuhhu acsooutcs Juiiarnc Wie Jga, Mary Ellen Crowley, Catherne Fealherston, Alison Clunrtcr, Lauren Lamourein; mie rnmioral mmniiik hanmer W endy Stu rlc-v, marxctirs mcutive Jennifer Reeves; mrxe ri RC wvj HUt sehvkei EXKumi Linda Rusk; iahh sals Jason Ha nnalwd; urt license sales- mki« Tnqi (tyj^- sales ano cuttower hryxe TWian Ddisarri, Ki ks Forsytbe, Calberine Do Uand. The response has lorentzian Shape in the linear regime.