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We can pay the repair fees only if their cost does not exceed 30% of the tablet’s price and is below $40 in total.We will otherwise request you to return the product and allow us to fix it for free in our repair centers.

After receiving the defective product and after it has been repaired, we will send it back to you with a free shipping method.

Note: you will be responsible for paying all the customs charges and import duties occurred when returning the product.

We will deduct the taxes we had to pay from the refund amount.

If you are sure to be able to fix this problem, we can send you a replacement of one or more components or accessories.

However, you should not damage this item during the whole process.

If the tablet appears to be defective within one month from its delivery date and the cause is related to its manufacturing process, we can arrange a refund, replacement, free repair or local maintenance based on its problem.

If the problem is caused by the tablet itself, we can arrange a refund or a replacement according to your preferences after sending it back to us.

We will then issue a 50% refund of the return shipping fees if they cost more than but less than .

We will not cover these fees if their cost exceeds these values.

We will also ensure that all its original accessories have been returned and that the tablet has no damages or scratches.

If there are any aesthetic imperfections or missing parts, we will charge you 20% of the tablet's price.

If one or more of accessories are faulty within three months from their delivery date, please send us some photos or a video of the problem and we will arrange a refund or a replacement after confirming the nature of the issue.