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In 2005, Brody appeared in a supporting role alongside Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the film Mr. Smith, and played a Hollywood studio assistant in the film adaptation of Thank You for Smoking (2006).His next film role was in the romantic comedy In the Land of Women (2007), starring Meg Ryan and Kristen Stewart.

In 2009, he co-starred with Josh Lucas in Boaz Yakin's drama Death in Love, and in Diablo Cody's horror film Jennifer's Body, co-starring Megan Fox.I feel like I have everything now – the dog, the house, the job and him. [on moving to Los Angeles] I made a deal with myself, I would come here and give myself one year, try acting my absolute hardest. “It was a typical romance and they just grew apart,” a source close to the pair tells PEOPLE, adding, “They ve been on and off for awhile now.” In October, the couple of three years denied breakup rumors.That month, they were spotted looking lovey-dovey strolling hand-in-hand in Toronto where Bilson was shooting the sci-fi drama .While most of the drama series Tyrant’s storylines progressed in Episode 5, the amount of male skin certainly decreased. Episode 3 of FX Network’s new drama Tyrant, titled “My Brother’s Keeper” featured another cast member going nude.

Series star, Adam Rayner is the only cast member to shed his clothes in the episode, and it’s only for a shirtless fight between his character and his wife. Recurring star Cameron Gharaee strips down briefly in his role as Ahmed, the unhappy son of the country’s hot-headed leader, Jamal.

The role required Adrien to be placed in several precarious situations and also to show off his great chest in several states of undress throughout the two-part event.

Whether Houdini was escaping shackles in his underwear or hopping in the sack with a lover, Adrien was up to the challenge.

The series follows an Americanized Middle Eastern teacher who is drawn back into his family’s turbulent and violent lifestyle when he returns home for a family wedding, along with his wife and children.

Adam Rayner plays the lead, Barry, and has a few shirtless scenes in the first episode, including a bathhouse sequence, also featuring Noah Silver who plays his gay teenaged son.

Since 2010, Brody has played the drums in the project band The Shortcoats.