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James Garner claims in “Murphy’s Romance” to be “in love for the last time in my life,” but if last love is really the one we should all be aiming for, first love, often tinged with nostalgia for younger, more innocent times, is the one that exerts the real pull on our cinematic imaginations.“Like Crazy” (2011)One of the better romantic movies from the last few years, “Like Crazy” is a thoroughly modern and wholly indispensable ode to first love and the oversized pains that we endure for it.

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After all, most of us have our first stomach-churning lurches of love and tiny tastes of heartbreak in those long warm months where school’s out and the world’s our oyster (she was Irish and her name was Daisy, in case you were wondering…).When young Jacob (Anton Yelchin) falls in love with Anna (Felicity Jones), it feels like they will be together forever, but she eventually lets her visa lapse and is denied entry back into the country.Thus begins an agonizing relationship where they try desperately to reconnect, with almost everything getting in their way.Most first loves don’t have happy endings, and “Like Crazy” is no exception.Like a first love, it stays with you, long after it’s over.“My Girl” taught girls that it’s more than acceptable to be friends with boys, and that sometimes they can be the best friends you’ll ever have.

Vada Sultenfuss (Anna Chlumsky, who will forever be associated with the coolest name in movie history) grows up in the 1960s with a father who runs a funeral parlor and without a mother, who died during her birth.

If the latter is often broader and more comedic, the story of a first love lends itself to the more dramatic end of the spectrum—even the comedies we list out here tend to be of the bittersweet variety.

But again, it’s a near-universal situation, from the blush and awkwardness and “no one’s ever felt this way ever!

Since the movie is told through Vada’s eyes, we never learn whether Thomas J loves Vada; we have to judge him by his actions, and the fact he would do anything for her only makes the climax all the more heartbreaking (I won’t spoil it for you here, but it’s fairly traumatizing).

“My Girl” taught young girls that love comes in all forms, whether romantic or platonic, and that ultimately the love of a best friend is the strongest bond of all.

Hansen-Løve’s thesis is that you never really get over the first person you fall for, and in a way, the blank-slate nature of the characters helps you identify with them, but it also makes it tricky to become particularly invested in the pair—they don’t share a great deal of chemistry and it’s hard to see what Camille sees in Sullivan particularly.

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