Problems with dating separated men

17-Mar-2020 15:12 by 8 Comments

Problems with dating separated men

It can take a while for a divorce to come through so yes i fact when my boyfriend and i started seeing each other my divorce hadent actualy come through so i was technicaly still married but very much everyone files for divorce straight away when they split up for various reasons.

I told her that I still wanted her to have the baby and offered to stay until baby was born but I wwould still be moving out, mistake, yes I know.

Xx when i left my hubby I had to be separated for 2 years before I could get a divorce.

Provided they have their own place and not still living in matrimonial home I would say they are free to date.

so no I wouldn't, I wouldn't even see someone who had a divorce I was separated for 4 years before I managed to get my divorce owing to my ex being pig headed.

I met my 2nd husband a year after separating and dated throughout that time.

My relative certainly didn't and handed in her notice...

The word "separated" seems to mean different things to different people and perhaps it would be wise to find out exactly what the situation is before getting involved.They were still living together at the time as they were in process of selling their house before they bought seperate properties.I'm officially still married but separated and am seeing a gorgeous single guy (never been married) its not been a problem during our relationship at all.However, as much as that made her feel like he was really into her, for the following four or five months he was telling me he'd made a mistake and wanted to come back - only staying with the new girl because he can't bear being alone.Not fair on either me or the new girl so.....sketchy area indeed in my experience.He has been honest with you so be honest with him and air your concerns - good luck x no never again.....