Updating your cv

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Updating your cv - what women wish men knew about dating

These could be technical skills, transferable skills, IT skills or any ability that can be related to the job.

Before you send your CV out, check for any mistakes within the text that you may have missed and fix them.To come up with some good ones, search for industry-related keywords and phrases within the job description. Put them into sections such as the career summary, work history, skills or achievements.Don’t flood it; just make sure there are enough to get your CV past the ATS.Matching it to the company culture and the nature of the job should be your first priority because it shows your suitability to the position.When applying for a creative position, you can experiment with unique designs like infographics or video.Go through a general check for the design and make sure that it’s up to current standards. If yes, you can add some colours to it or make the necessary changes to modernise it.

But first, make sure that you research the role and the company it offers the position.Some experts believe that this is not needed at all, but if you don’t have a career summary on your CV, it’s a good idea to use one.To write a career objective, make sure you know what you want and that you tailor it for each job.Ask yourself what difference you made, what was the result and why it matters.Refer to examples, and quantify your accomplishments to show future employers what you can do.This way you ensure that your professional needs are aligned.