Taylor lautner is dating lily collins

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Taylor lautner is dating lily collins - lviv dating

“He’s a really deep person, and he has supported her amazingly.

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She is also famous for her work as an actress in the 2011 movie ‘Abduction’ whereby, she co-starred with Taylor Lautner. "I think all the fans of both parties are really going to love that," he said. A rep for Collins said she does not ocmment on her clients' private lives. As for that steamy scene, Whitaker said it takes place in a train.This time, Zac Efron, an American actor became her boyfriend. Their relationship started in 2012 and ended in 2013. Lily became a friend with the British actor Jamie Campbell Bower by the end of 2012 and their friendship turned into a love affair the following year.Maybe the fortune wasn’t on her side, or the relationship wasn’t that perfect. Both of them were serious about their relationship.[movieperson id="373803"]Taylor Lautner[/movieperson] joked with MTV News during Wednesday's "MTV First: Taylor Lautner" interview that kissing his "Abduction" co-star Lily Collins was "so unfortunate." After laughing off his kissing scenes with the rising star, he admitted that he actually felt quite comfortable getting romantic with her. It depends on the person and your vibe together, 'cause sometimes it can totally be awkward," he explained.

"But if you're in the moment and you are literally living these characters, you forget about everything else, then it's fine.

Taylor Lautner has an addiction: Dating his movie co-stars.

No, seriously — four of his past seven relationships stemmed from on-screen chemistry becoming real-life romance!

It was off set so it definitely came on set," he said.

Sure, rumors have been swirling for months, but now their costar Denzel Whitaker has actually gone on the record about it. "I think the chemistry's naturally going to show [in the movie]...

From Taylor Swift to Lily Collins, Tay has nabbed himself quite the popular counterparts in the past, and although he used to be pretty infamous for being quite the playboy, he’s totally settled down in recent years.