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It is also an important source of palaeoenvironmental and geochronological information.

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His publications include more than 100 articles on the archaeology of Australia and 5 books.

Jonathan Benjamin, Sean Ulm, Peter Veth, Jorg Hacker and Michael O'Leary in collaboration with Geoffrey Bailey and Mads Holst (Flinders University, College of Arts, Society & Education, The University of Western Australia, Curtin University of Technology, University of York and Aarhus Universitet)125?

m) charcoal from sediment cores collected from lacustrine sites in Cape York and Arnhem Land.

He is currently directing the Central Timna Valley (CTV) Project – a multidisciplinary research into Iron Age copper production in the southern Levant.

The project, supported by the Yad Hanadiv Foundation's Yizhar Hirschfeld Memorial Fellowship in Archaeology and the Marie Curie PEOPLE grant, includes new excavations and surveys, as well as laboratory analyses at TAU and abroad, aimed at elucidating various aspects of ancient human exploitation of a limited natural resource.

The facility will advance multiple research agendas at nine participating institutions across palaeoecology, geomorphology, geochronology, archaeology and carbon cycle/ sequestration science Michael Bird, Sean Ulm, Timothy Cohen, Richard Roberts, Zenobia Jacobs, Lindsay Hutley, Balwant Singh, Hamish Mc Gowan, Patrick Moss, Jessica Reeves, Simon Haberle, Susan O'Connor, Scott Mooney, Chris Turney and Michael-Shawn Fletcher (College of Science & Engineering, College of Arts, Society & Education, University of Wollongong, Charles Darwin University, The University of Sydney, The University of Queensland, Federation University, Australian National University, The University of New South Wales and The University of Melbourne)Archaeological and quaternary science in tropical Australasia is heavily reliant on radiocarbon (14C) ages on marine materials.

However, radiocarbon ages obtained on marine samples are not directly comparable to contemporaneous terrestrial samples owing to variability in the way 14C is distributed in marine environments (the 'marine reservoir effect'). His doctoral dissertation, entitled was published in 2010 and presents results of six years of field and laboratory research on the copper mines of the southern Levant (Jordan and Israel).Ben-Yosef has authored multiple research papers on archaeometallurgy, archaeomagnetism and Iron Age archaeology.Marine reservoir effects are highly variable and can introduce uncertainties of up to several hundred years into ages obtained on marine samples, creating a key obstacle for advancing archaeological, sea-level and climate change research.This project establishes a reliable model of marine reservoir effects across tropical Australasia that can be used to calibrate marine 14C ages.Advisory Accreditation: I can be on your Advisory Panel as a Primary or Secondary Advisor.

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