Do i have an intimidating personality

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They are very pragmatic and ethical when working, they know that life is not perfect and they accept that easily.When there is a problem they make an effort to solve it, instead of coming up with an excuse.

You will never hear an excuse from a person with strong personality.

Most of the time it is not their intention to intimidate others, but it is a result of their tough attitude.

People who have a strong personality have difficulty just to chit-chat.

They will not try to get attention from others in any way, good or bad. Actually, all they want to do is to do a good job and succeed.

They might seem rude to attention lovers as they might show disrespect for them.

Your career may have had a few hiccups, and your relationships are trademarked by tension, but your independent way of thinking isn’t wrong- it just rubs some people the wrong way.

You might have noticed that people are cautious when you approach, or when they see you, they give a quick hello, smile, and abruptly leave.In general, people with strong personality are well educated and well informed.They are well aware of anything that happens in their surroundings, and they spend lots of time exploring the world around them.It might seem rude but people with strong personality will try to avoid people that they consider unworthy.While many people feel good when they have attention drawn to them, people with strong personality don’t really care about it.This type of people have high self-confidence and get annoyed easily.