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There I saw 2 (only 2 ) Elle 18 color bomb nail paints lying in a container.One was a very glittery shade and other was the No. It looked so nice in the bottle that I had to pick it up!!

Also, their color bomb range seemed to target teen gals more.

Cultural differences play an enormous part in interpersonal relationships between Poles and therefore the British, there are some cultural similarities and also some vast cultural distinctions.

Poles are more conservative than British people but they’re also both known to consume a drink and socialise on occasion.

I moved back to my home country and intend to move back to England (or any other European country) for my studies. I'm an intelligent, kind, energetic and positive man with a good sense of humour.

Honest guy just looks to meet knew people and see what happens... I don't want to write the hole I like going out or sitting in on the sofa with a good film, but I really would like nothing ..

In case if I like a shade so much, I can always go ahead and buy another bottle of it after finishing it up.

Also, the cheaper price would give us freedom to try so many more shades :haanji: Lets see the pro’s and con’s.

Also, I liked the concept of smaller quantity (5ml) than other brands which are usually 8ml.

That way, I can finish up the nail paint pretty fast and don’t have to store it for long time until it gets dried. Consistency of the nail paint was neither too runny nor too thick, perfect to glide on without much effort. Two coats of it gave a complete opaque and medium glossy finish.

After shaking the bottle, it became okay, can’t expect more from a cheap product like this :nono:.

Can you see what I’m trying to say in below picture.

So, I always relate that brand as a college gals brand :tongue: .

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