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It works for me: it brings up a window whenever I get a persistent chat message from a close chat, opens a new tab if required, doesn't steal focus from other apps or other active chat tabs, blinks my notification bar. It probably doesn't follow any niceties or standards of pidgin plugins -- I certainly 'cheated' by just sticking it alongside the other plugins in libpurple/plugins and compiling it from there, I don't know how well it will work standalone.That said, it works for my purposes; if anyone wants it, the code is at 1 here as well.

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1 Just encountering the same issue here trying to use a Jabber chat room as a small-team communication tool We already use Pidgin for one-to-one communication and were hoping the group would work essentially the same except we could all participate.

Is there someone who knows slightly more about software development than me who could compile mino's plugin above for Windows?

-Michael I have been watching this bug for a long time without officially joining and I think I realized what is wrong.

So the response to "Why not just leave it open and use the taskbar flashing to indicate new messages?

" is perhaps best found via another question: Why not just leave a window open for each and every contact on your buddy list?

There is a plugin in the purple plugins pack which allows for specifying specific words to highlight and while I don't think it makes much sense to add window raising to that plugin it might make sense to extract the matching backend from that plugin into a generic backend (plugin) that both the highlight and (to be created) raising plugins could use.

1 for adding the ability to pop open a window, or at least generate some form of visible notification, for a closed persistent chat that has a new message.

Hi all, I've written an extremely simple plugin, 'chatpop', based on the 'psychic' and 'signals-test' core plugins.

I haven't done C in years and know NOTHING AT ALL about pidgin plugins, except for what I hacked together for this purpose, so please don't mock my crappy plugin.

#Create Private Room - Make your own chat room with full control over it.

#No Plug ins - All chat rooms run very fast, and require no plug-ins (no flash, no java).

At one point, it was suggested "I'm still not sure why leaving the room open isn't acceptable, but I don't have to.".

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