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All credit card news Bad credit, credit repair Balance transfer, debt consolidation Best credit cards Breaking news Business credit cards Canada Cash back cards Cashing In Q&A columns Credit account management Credit Card Help Credit card videos Credit scores, credit reports Emerging payment systems: Prepaid, debit, gift cards Expert Q&A Frequent flyer programs, airline rewards Get to the Points Infographics Innovations, features, new products Legal, regulatory, privacy issues Low interest, zero percent cards Opening Credits Podcast Products Rate report Reaping Your Rewards Research, statistics Reward programs Shopping Speaking of Credit Student credit cards, young credit The Credit Guy To Her Credit Your Business Credit Card debt payment options for elderly relatives with dementia -- If a relative is unable to take care of credit card debt due to dementia, you have options. (See Disabled relatives and credit card debt)How jumping on first card offer can backfire -- If you're new to credit, don't apply for the first card offer you get as it may not be the best deal you can qualify for. (See First card offer)Etiquette guide for 'refer-a-friend' credit card programs -- You want that bonus, but you don't want to lose your friend. So why not redeem them for an all-inclusive experience? (See All-inclusive resorts)Which reward is better: cash back or travel? )How to use a cash back card as a savings tool -- With some planning and a strategy, you can save for emergencies or big expenses ... (See Refer-a-friend etiquette)Using points to stay at all-inclusive resorts -- Using miles and points for airfare and hotels is great, but the costs on the ground can blow your budget.

(See New Fed Chair Jerome Powell)Buying rewards points, even at discount, rarely makes sense -- Except for rare circumstances, buying points directly is almost never a good deal. (See Financial infidelity)Act fast when bad weather crashes your vacation plans -- Trip-delay protections on your credit card can help when your flight is canceled or delayed. (See Trip cancellation)Interest rate reversal may be due to military debt protections -- The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act caps interest rates at 6 percent during active duty period. (See Interest rate reversal)5 ways to maximize card rewards earning potential -- Whether you’ve just dabbled with card rewards or want to get in on the game, here are five tips to help you gain traction. (See Earning card rewards)Rewards options when you have too many points -- You've saved up hundreds of thousands of credit card reward points. (See How weather affects card spending)Am Ex Hilton cards debut with 100,000-point sign-up bonus -- In addition to refreshing the Hilton Honors card and the Hilton Honors Surpass card with changes that include an increased sign-up bonus and new card name, American Express has launched two new Hilton products – a business card and a luxury card. (See Am Ex Hilton cards)How quickly can my score recover from a late payment?

Subscribe to the AARP Money Newsletter for more on finances, scams and fraud Did you know that you might be responsible for just the first of fraudulent charges on your credit card, no matter how much gets fraudulently charged?

But with a debit card, you could be responsible for up to 0 unless you report the fraudulent activity within two days.

-- A one-time cash infusion may help ward off having to file for bankruptcy. (See Insurance settlement)Redeeming miles, points for a 'free' spring break trip -- Redeeming rewards for a whole family during a peak travel time can present some unique challenges. (See Spring break)Should you postpone retirement to pay off card debt?

-- If you are approaching retirement and are still revolving credit card balances, it may be better to keep working until those debts are paid off. (See Retirement and card debt)Chase’s new Starbucks Visa card rewards you for every purchase -- Chase and Starbucks have unveiled a new credit card that lets you earn rewards on everything you buy - both in Starbucks stores and anywhere Visa is accepted. (See Starbucks Rewards Visa)Can parking tickets still be reported to credit bureaus?

Consider these alternatives to restore your financial health. (See Avoiding bankruptcy)Infographic: Plastic is America's favorite way to pay -- Debit plus credit swamp cash. (See Best flat-rate cash back cards)Why are Chase Ultimate Rewards points so valuable?

-- See how much Ultimate Rewards points are worth and how they compare to other rewards programs' points. (See Why are Chase Ultimate Rewards points so valuable? (See Default card's effect on credit)Chase Ultimate Rewards guide: The best ways to earn and use Ultimate Rewards points -- Our Ultimate Rewards guide gives you the full rundown on earning and redeeming Ultimate Rewards points and helps you figure out which Ultimate Rewards card is best for you. (See Chase Ultimate Rewards guide)Rate survey: Average card APR climbs to all-time high of 16.38 percent -- Jan.

(See Video: The perfect Valentine's Day on points)How to get an EIN as a small-business owner -- It can be tough to get an EIN and a business credit card without using your Social Security number. (See How to get an EIN)Picking the right credit cards for around-the-world travel -- Two families on around-the-world adventures carried three credit cards each. Take cards from different networks and earn rewards while you're traveling. (See Credit cads and epic travel)Do I still owe card debt past the statute of limitations?

-- Even if your card debt has legally expired, that doesn't mean creditors can't take you to court seeking payment. (See Card debt's legal expiration date)Should I use insurance settlement to pay off card debt?

(See Card churning and your credit score)Millennials are less financially stressed now -- Millennials' stress about savings, student loans, credit card debt and other financial issues has eased in the past three years, a Bank of America survey finds. (See Millennials and financial stress)Everything you need to know about credit cards and sending your child abroad -- Parents should consider adding a credit card for spending and emergencies ...

(See Card options for students abroad)CFPB's structure is constitutional, appeals court rules -- The D. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Congress can insulate the federal consumer protection bureau from political pressure by shielding the director from being fired. (See CFPB's structure ruled constitutional)Rate survey: Average card APR ticks up to record 16.39 percent -- Jan. podcast: Finding your net worth -- If you're uncomfortable at the thought of talking about money, investing, debt or credit, than this podcast is for you.

-- Credit bureaus have tightened reporting rules, but companies still find ways to report small unpaid bills, such as parking tickets. (See Parking tickets in collections)5 steps for finding the right rewards card -- There are a lot of offers on the market, but only some worth seriously considering ...

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