Creationist response to carbon dating

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Creationist response to carbon dating - reviews of married dating

As time goes on, the ratio of the parent to daughter nuclei will change and decrease (as more parent nuclei decay into daughter nuclei, the former decreases and the latter increases).

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Scientists do not assume that rocks have been closed systems; it is a well-supported conclusion from experiments.

A very common claim of young earth creationists in trying to reject the evidence for an old earth is to loudly proclaim that radiometric dating methods “makes assumptions” and that these “assumptions” are somehow fatally flawed or not supported by evidence.

These claims generally land in three different categories: (1) radiometric dating assumes that initial conditions (concentrations of mother and daughter nuclei) are known, (2) radiometric dating assumes that rocks are closed systems and (3) radiometric dating assumes that decay rates are constant.

This serves as strong evidence for the reliability of radiometric dating methods. These isotopes differ in the number of neutrons they have in their nuclei.

Those isotopes that are not stable decay into daughter nuclei.

This means that the while different rocks contain different absolute amounts of the two isotopes, the is same.

At the time of formation for a rock, the isotopes for an element are homogenized and so the composition of a certain isotope is the same in all the minerals in the rock.But what happens when the rocks have been disturbed?If a rock is heated during its lifetime, the system gets disturbed and some of the parent and/or daughter isotopes may move in or out of the rock.Both of these are divided or normalized by a stable isotope of the same elements as the daughter element.So on the x-axis, we have parent/(another stable isotope of the same element as the daughter) and on the y-axis we have daughter/(another stable isotope of the same element as the daughter).There are many different kinds of radiometric dating and not all conclusions we will reach can be extrapolated to all methods used.

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