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For those of us who are out-of-our-minds crazy for a sweet, fun-loving, spends-way-too-much-time-digitally-killing-brain-cells Gamer: This Guide will help you have a pretty darn happy and fun relationship with you Gamer.MATERIALS: Ability to Learn (Optional: Mini Notebook) Multitasking Portable Hand Held Hobby Love (Always Consistent, Though at Varying Levels) Headphones/Selective Hearing (Note: Selective Hearing is Recommended if You Seriously Love Them) Good Cooking Skills/or Access to Pizza/Mexican Food/Not-Fast-Food- Burgers) Good Sense of Humor (THIS IS A MANDATORY MATERIAL) Patience × (MONTHS DATING ×10) Creativity (Or a Creative Friend) Adventure (THIS IS A MANDATORY MATERIAL) Time (Note: For Best Results, the Amount of Time Spent on This Will Coincide with How Well You Can Learn and Apply New Material) (Note: Not all materials are needed at all times, but recommended to be kept in close proximity.

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She wants me to send money to buy one via her money transfer account. As you get situated, be sure to place your portable hand held hobby in your lap, but do not give it any more attention for about 10 min (in the rare occurrence your Gamer may feel like watching television or a movie, disperse of it between 15-20 min). If you feel you are getting a little bored or unable to retain what you are learning, then use your portable hand held hobby to amuse self, while still spending time with your Gamer.Carefully combine your multitasking, selective hearing, and ability to learn. Materials Needed for This Step: • Good Sense of Humor • Good Cooking Skills OR Access to Pizza, Mexican Food, or Not-Fast-Food Burgers • Love • Time (This Will Vary Depending on How You Will Get the Food) Once you have sat through a few hours of learning your Gamer, it’s time for you to propose a break.Note: It may be to your benefit to use Step Two every now and then to relieve yourself from playing.This will get you and your Gamer in to the habit and playing games together and then eating together (this does not need to always happen however)Materials Needed for This Step: • Good Sense of Humor • Love • Adventure • Time (2-3 hours, every now and then) Now that you know how the game is played, join in on the fun every now and then.This will help you and your Gamer’s relationship grow.

Note: After this step your Gamer may want to resume Game Time.

Certain games played can be more addictive for your Gamer, in which case you may need to do this step for the first time with a food your Gamer cannot resist (you do this so that every time following you can lure them away with the hope of getting this food again).

While retrieving nutrition for your Gamer, be sure to sprinkle a little love for them (there is no maximum amount of love to sprinkle).

Some Ideas: -Go to a Con with your Gamer (and get into it) -Create a game out of your game playing (this is best done with Multiplayers and multiple players) -Dress up as your Gamer’s favorite male/female character (depends on you and your Gamer’s relationship) Good Luck!

Spotting Discrepancies Reading or Listening Between the Lines Beware Speed Community Q&A Online dating scams are rife. You do not have to be rich and you do not have to be stupid.

For your safety, if you are just not getting the hang of it too well, stop after a half hour, but know that this step will need to be repeated more often.