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It s in Newlbrk's Strand Scranton's (bmeford " 77th Street Ellingtons Rialto " Plaza Kansas City 's Royal Chicago's Riviera Denver 's Isis los Angeles California Seattle's Liberty San Francisco's California Detroit's Madison Cincinnati's Gifts Newark's Strand Dayton's Dayton Buffalo's Strand Philadelphia's Stanley Rochester 's Regent Milwaukee's Saxe and a lot of others! i open letter to the mana^ei'S Of California yheatxe, Los Anieles, Czl& s Strand Theatre, San Francisco Calif*, Liberty Theatre, Portland, Oregon., The aemmer Theatre, Seattle Wash-, Rialto Theatre, Denver, Colo-, The Merrill Theatre, Milwaukee, Wis-, Mew Garrick Theatre, Minneapolis. The Church easily stands out as the most potent factor in the winning of the world-war Sne prayed the armies of the United States and her Allies through to triumph over a foe that would not go out except also and principally by prayer and fasting." Then the ministers plead that the theatres be kept closed on Sunday so that the "pillars" of the church may not be enticed away. IS— The Rescue 2 reels WORLD PICTURES KINOGRAM (Now* Reel) Issued Twice a Week 1012 EXHIBITOR'S TRADE REVIEW V olume 5. Previous to that no attempt had been made by the managers to open the houses, except among the residential dis- trict theatres, only two of which were closed at all during the strike. A LONGING to see the rvorld — an old motor car — an adventurous girt — these ma/fe a combination hard to equal for romantic possibilities. Rialto Theatre, Omaha, Is President of Nebraska Snow- ^ ^^Ti^^^^^ ■war • ir,,„- as you can. 1, practically every theatre in the The cxhibiiors t tin- state have organ* ized, villi II. Pathe Review 51 Film Magazine The selection of the best houses everywhere. "Such laws (for an open Sabbath) would," say the ministers, "be a blow at the Church. FULD General Strike of Seattle Theatre Employees Lasted from Feb. 11— Theatres Open THE general strike called in Seattle on February 6 in sympathy with the strik- ing Metal Trades Unions, in which the Theatrical Federation joined, was officially closed at noon February 11, but all the big downtown theatres opened Monday night with non-professional operators and no music. BY SPECIAL DE- IIVERY TO REACH HERE NOT LATER THAN --O — D " t i 1 CI WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19.

Olivia asks him, 'Who do you want to be coupled up with?

All this effort at being of service falls to the ground, unless the exhibitor avails himself of it. It scorns that wild man was a little too wild and John got i mussed up somewhat. * * * Hp I E Lasky studio in Hollywood is a busy place (j just now, with two big productions under way and a number of other features also in the making. de Mille is at work on a new Artcraft production which is said to exceed all his other past pictures in dramatic strength. The suggestion has also been made that the amuse --"'t tax be amended so that children attending (lie s may not be required to pay the tax, Tin's matter :cciving the attention of the Manitoba Government) i understood. General Pershing added, "I would like to have it shown to the staff and troops remaining." Immediately a print wa* ordered shipped overseas. Jane Miller i| featured with the star in "The Forfeit" and Anna Lehr in "Thunderbolts of Fate." New Tax in Cincinnati Hits Films Cincinnati film exchanges and producers of motion pic- ture films are hit by the occupational tax that will be levied by the city administration. _ The I penalty attached to this law is six months' inv J prisonmcnt and 0 fine. A committee was then sent from the Cen- tral Labor Council, some of whom were officers of the Federation, to inform the managers that the operators and musicians would not return to work Monday night and that any house which opened would be branded as "unfair." The managers immediately called a meeting and passed resolutions calling upon the Federation to live up to its agreement and send its men back to work at the appointed time, Mon- day night at 6 o'clock. Nebraska h'ed- who adinil they piri in c show for lofoi c i • itnmtl tec lb.

There is no excuse, in the Twentieth Century, for sloppy presentation, for failure to advertise prop- erly, or for the hundred and one other evidences of shiftlessncss which characterize the "dead" exhibitor. Without it, no picture is worth anything — except as it interests the critics or pleases the producer. ) were billed on the " program in "an attempt to sing." It was only an * attempt as their efforts were met with showers of „ mashed potatoes. Elliott Dexter and Gloria Swanson are the leading players, sup- ^ ported by what is said to be an exceptionally H . PLUNKETT, manager of the l " J Strand Theatre, New York, was the guest of d honor at a beefsteak dinner Wednesday night at tf California Charlie's. Start Work on New Vitagraph Serial Work lias been started on Vitagraph's new double-star serial In Triickcc, California. Farewell Dinner to Milton Goldsmith The biggest social event in Los Angeles motion picture circles during the past week was the dinner served at Hotel Alexandria, with J. Berst, president of United Picture Theatres, Inc., as host. This action is necessary because Cincinnati will lose 0,000 annual revenue when the Stale goes dry on May 27. While the law has I been on the statute books for over 25 seldom is enforced. Lasky left New York this week for California r,n his annual mid-winter visit to the Famous Players- Lasky studios at Hollywood, where he will confer with Director-General Cecil B. This resolution was handed to a committee from the Fed- eration, which waited upon the managers later in the afternoon. Ih i In hee ichod- post tiled several times, bul each lime poned.

You can take from that what you will.'Jonny however set Camilla’s mind at rest by reassuring her.'What you’ve got to appreciate is that you’re stepping back so I can enjoy my experience but the fact that I picked you at the last coupling shows that you are such a massive part of my experience. 'I don’t want YOU to feel like you have to give me space now though.'As things continued to progress, Camilla poses the important question:'Do you mean you want to spend more time with me? 'A self assured Camilla then retorts: 'Yes I do.'Upon their return to the villa, Camilla was feeling positive on the outcome of the afternoon:'I think the date went well.

I am kind of hoping that maybe it’s a bit of a second chance.'Jonny was equally as optimistic, accepting that they would have to move at Camilla’s pace:'Back on track.

Because we haven’t really talked much recently.' Jonny and Camilla appeared to have the same reservations, with both nervous that the other might not be eager to reciprocate.

When Amber says 'I think it’s going to spark something,' Camilla responds:'But it’s whether it will spark something for me and then not for him again.'Back in the Beach Hut, Camilla opens up about her anxieties:'I don’t really know what to expect.The ministers couldn't find an argument to answer that, so one of them, referring to five bushel baskets containing 125,000 signatures in favor of Sunday shows, which reposed in front of the committee, said it would not do to measure the question by "mere bulk." He announced that he had a petition, on the other side, "signed by 30,050 people who represent the 'cream' of the State." This was a fatal error on the gentleman's part. "Now, I am sure that if this question was put up to the boys who have been 'over there' and are back and to the boys who are 'over there' and trying to get hack, the answer would be unani- mous in favor of Sunday shows." Speaking of "cream," Mr. Hanson and the Harrisburg Ministerial Association, which the motion pic- ture, at its best, will destroy. The Government recognized the motion pic- ture, early, as a necessary builder of morale, and encouraged it in every possible way. Hanson — in case he does not know it — that there was no ban on Sunday shows in the Army. A good many of the evils oi the film industry belong to the producer and distributor. The exhibitor who persistently refuses to study each picture as it comes along, who does not try to get its full value, is just as much of a nuisance and a menace as the four- flushing producer. i Vita, to Release Anitn Stewart I'Yuturo \ What a Vitagraph announcement claims lo be one ol il" - I lost powerful police dramas ever written is scheduled lot I rly March release. Vitagraph to Do "The Cambric Mask" Vitagraph announces thai the next starring vehicle for Alice Joyce will be a screen adaptation of Robert W. The managers asked them if they were sufficiently sure of their return to make it safe for them to put announce- ments in the papers. A very neat one for window work con be made from the on the story, ii holds us [ntcrcil the end] thanki to llie well balanced worlf uf the company and the able direction ol Roherl Vlgnola, who handh-s Inn material wilb «oud tait G ami Judgment Harrison lord doe:, r-redilable work in the hero role, Claire Anderson lias little I" do save look charming M (Catherine Spen- cer, and Mayme Kelso gives an excellent performance Impersonation of the spinster, Fannie Perkins, The photography includes a number of remarkably beautiful ruitic views, artistic long ihotl and timely close- ups and the lighting is at all times effective. YOU KNOW censorship will demoralize the pic- ture Industry and is not necessary, as is proven by tho fact that only four states havo it.Williams, we call to your attention — and the attention of your fel- low-reformers — some thousands of Americans who fought in France that you might live. And if you were not — and if your associates were not — by what right do you assume to tell these men what is good for them and what is not? His pretensions to a belief in democracy are a sham and a farce. Exuibitou's Trade Review is giving exhibitors eaeh week every possible service, The keystone of it is our Special Service Section, in which we offer facts — facts which arc actual experiences of other exhibitors in the successful handling of pictures. Parsons was t | likewise and also counted out in a 30 second speech. All the News — Nothing But News THE NEWS OF THE WEEK Briefly Told For Busy Film Men HIGH LIGHTS IN HEADLINES A Digest of the Week's Events Plans Formed to Fight Censorship 972 To Reimburse for "Flu" Epidemic Lobs 972 Buffalo Wants Sunday Shows 972 Bradenburgh Case Dismissed 972 Robert Warwick Joins Famou B Players 972 New Laboratory for Arizona Pictures 972 First Virginia Pearson Film 972 "The Eternal Magdalene" from Goldwyn 972 Vitagraph to Release Anita Stewart Feature 972 Work on Vitagraph Serial Started 972 Chance for Sunday Shows in Indiana New Film Tax in Cincinnati. "From Headquarters" is ihc name 1 the production and Anita Stewart is the star, Kiilpli vrwee directed it. are in Vltttgf Oph's lands and il is laid thai exhibitors arc signing up the pic L kre with a rush. Chambers' novel "The Cambric Mask." A strong cast wilt support her and the production will be under the direction of Tom Terriss. The firit is "The Forfeit," a Frank Powell-Sunset adaptation of Ridgewell Cullom's novel. The committee agreed", but suggested that all managers combint their announcements in one, which was done. With its quiet fun and lender love inter- est, this feature can be lifted as a welcome program contribution. To combat this evil, wo are onolosing herewith a petition for the signature of your patrons. Hanson and the Harrisburg ministers in oppo- sition to bills now before the Pennsylvania Legislature providing for the repeal of the Blue Laws. Hanson makes the astonishing statement that Sunday opening of picture theatres would be contrary to the principles for which Ameri- cans fought and died in France. Nebraska Exhibitors Form State-Wide Organization to Fight Censorship and Sunday Closing Legislation Now Pending N get the names ■ day hibiti r EBRASKA, Iowa and South Dakota litors arc- waging a bitter fight st proposed censorship and ay closing legislation. threatened in Iowa, hut ex- to sidetrack it 10 a local op- many ladies to this petition II IS VITALLY IMPOHTAMT TO — AS POSSIBLE TO RETURN TO THE RIALTO THEATRE OMAHA, NEBR..That is the trade paper's principal business: serving the exhibitor so that the exhibitor may serve the public. * * * As a result of the impersonation of Lesley Mason n by a wild man, John Flinn was unable to report for duty at the Paramount offices on Monday. Milwaukee Association Holds Ball Stars from Coast Arrive in New York Lillian Walker's New Picture Named E. Lincoln in "Virtuous Men" Buffalo Exchange Managers Organize "Unpardonable Sin" in New York "Big Four" Deny Association with Zuckor N. \t Reimburse For "Flu" Epidemic 1j«bb VVter making strenuoui objections to the proposal ■of the Manitoba Government that foui fifths ol a re bate of 25 per cent of the Provincial Amusement tax be devoted toward reimbursing theatre employes for loss of wages during the epidemic, the Manitoba The atrical League decided to accept the Government's offer. R O sign to be b, .* "i J U Li , 8 "'-" at ,h « S "". U ,n t1 '' 5 " w " k ' ° m aha suburban awa o C of mv h Zse when r''""' ., ''u' 2 °° P "' l ° »«" "Made in America" would be sent overseas. House Peters in Hodkinson Features House Peters will be seen in two productions for dis- tribution by the W. The second is "Thunderbolts of Fate," an Edward Warren production. confronting E ;atre man- * ay shows, f I Big Fight On for Sunday Shows in The moat important question now coi I Cincinnati and Ohio motion picture tricot g agers is the attempt to legalize Sunday I Christian Endeavor societies have bee deluging f members of the Ohio Legislature with telegrams | begging them to reject the Hinchey bill, which £ prdposes to make motion picture theatres im- 1 mune from enforcement of the present low thai I forbids shows of all kinds on Sundays. After this had appeared in the pa- pers Monday morning the Strike Commit- tee passed a resolution at noon calling out all unions who had returned to work and setting the time of ending the strike at noon Tuesday. Have thlt petition headed by parties who are personally known to your Stato Legislators and Senators, also h; is Introduced hy !And in the pages of this paper, week after week, there is material by the use of which any theatre can be improved. Or are you going to tread carefully, measuring, weighing, studying, throwing the best of your brains, your ability, your past experience into helping stabilize this vast industry and remedy the abuses from which we and the theatre-going public are suffering? They are "Doug" on your left, then Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin, and D. Crif Sth Anne Forrest and D.rrell Fos, appear to find "us" mtghty enjoyable reading judging (rom ,he smile. The immediate families of the bride and groom were present. They will be called "Capellani Productiona," and will star Creighton Hale and June Caprice. (This did not include liquid refreshments.) * * * The A. At one time Reiser^ feld didn't think very much of the Strand bi judging from the nice things he said at the dinnc a ry the hatchet has evidently been buried. An excellent program of professional enter tainers furnished the amusement for the evening p IFTEEN thousand soldiers at Camp Kearny, V San Diego, California, had the time of their \ lives last week when they became moving picture I actors to help make scenes with Charles Ray for a forthcoming Thomas H. Ray in this picture, had the distinction of being the only woman among the fifteen thousand soldiers. Earl Metcalfe to Direct Flagg Comedies Lieutenant Earl Metcalfe, recently returned afler a yo at the front, has been engaged by Town and Country Film Inc., to direct the Paramount-James Montgomery Fla«§ comedies on the Paramount Program. Some of the other unions that had started back to work did quit when the Strike Committee set Tues- day ai the official end of the strike, but the strrei car men stayed at their jobs. He makes a rule never to buy anything unless it is the best he can get.

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