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Chilling footage of members of the Nazi party strolling around the Channel Islands offers a terrifying glimpse of how close Britain came to being invaded by Hitler's army.

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The result was that, with no prying eyes to monitor the activities of the roughly 3,000-strong German garrison, they had a free hand to do whatever they wanted.Alderney was unique in the occupation of the Channel Islands in that — whereas most of the civilian population remained in Guernsey and Jersey — the island was almost totally evacuated before the all-conquering German army arrived in late June 1940.In six ships, its 1,500 residents left en masse for the mainland of Britain, where they remained for the rest of the war.Inhabitants live normally, sheltered by German arms.Our posts here keep up their guard against English intervention.'The film ends by showing a German Luftwaffe raid on mainland Britain following a reconnaissance mission.Not realising that the islands had been left undefended, the Germans launched a series of bombing raids on them on June 28, killing 44 people.

A third of the islands' population had been evacuated prior to the attack, but those that remained found themselves under German occupation after the Luftwaffe took control of Guernsey airfield on June 30.He had turned his attention away from Britain after the RAF thwarted his attempt to bomb the country into submission in 1940.He switched the direction of the war to the Soviet Union and the Eastern Front.The Channel Islands, which include Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm, were invaded by the Germans shortly after they took France in June 1940.Hitler thought the islands were of strategic importance given their proximity to France, while Churchill made the decision early on in the war to leave the islands undefended as he thought they presented little strategic advantage.They began by putting in massive guns to protect the island from air and sea.

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