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Aromatic candles in this designer bathroom might look elegant, but because they contain a high concentration of oils, they are causing soot deposition throughout the home.

The marks may be random smears or they may form clear geometric patterns, following the lines of the framing behind the surface.

What causes these stains and how can builders and homeowners prevent them?

By now, we've all heard about "black soot" or "ghosting"--one of the hottest topics in the building industry today.

The dark marks have been seen on interior and exterior wall surfaces; on carpet surfaces at wall-to-floor connections or door undercuts; on ceilings; on furniture, heating and air conditioning filters, blinds, drapes, doors, countertops, television screens and computer monitors; and on the top side and leading edges of ceiling fans.

The most recent and increasingly common form of staining is caused not by dirt or dust but by soot (see "Dirt and Dust Also Cause Ghosting Stains").

The cut ends of the fibers actually bend and point downward.

When the fastener is pulled out, the fibers tend to bend back upward, and in the process squeeze the fastener even tighter.As the fastener is driven into the wood, the plastic melts.When the plastic cools, it forms a bond between the fastener and the wood.The Annual Convention includes updates on indicative field testing procedures, tools, products and product defects.The NICFI is the only Non-Profit Association in the Flooring Industry with membership comprised solely of Certified Floor Covering Inspectors.The marks range in size from small and isolated spots to soot running along the entire height of a wall.

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