Who is thierry henry dating now

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Who is thierry henry dating now - dating site mississauga

They keep quiet about their relationship, and it is rumored that they plan to marry in the near future.

Firstly speaking about his marriage, Thierry from 5th of July, 2003 to 3rd September, 2007 was carrying a husband & wife relationship with Nicole Merry.

The reason behind their divorce was rumored to be Thierry's extramarital affair with his make-up artist Sadie Hewlett with whom he was apparently caught by his wife. Besides, Thierry's transfer to Barcelona was also partially considered to be the reason for the split as Clarie never wanted to leave London and Thierry left indeed without her.

Ex-footballer Thierry Henry was linked to Andrea Rajacic soon after his divorce with his ex-wife Clarie Merry. They make a stunning couple and seems to be all happy together.

After their first meeting, they started seeing each other privately and got married in July 2003 after dating each other for two years.

At that time Henry used to play for Highbury based football club, Arsenal.

One of their favorite spots seems to be a romantic getaway at the Maldive Islands.

It has been rumored they plan to marry in the near future so that makes us wonder, what could our talented footballer be waiting for to propose to his beautiful girlfriend??The couple parted ways in 2007 after only four years of marriage.But the French’s past is something Andrea who is eight years younger than him seems not to care about.The couple who seems to be getting along just great have been taking things slowly, keeping their relationship pretty much under the radar with no major scandals or gossip to really talk about.They have been spotted on several vacation trips and outings enjoying themselves but that’s about it.The couple had their very first child, a daughter Tea Henry on .