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I was asked not to divulge certain things." Rideout said he didn't understand why men felt the need to force themselves on a woman, "when they’re giving it away.”Also read: Near the end of the news conference, Rideout expanded his accusations to include a more broad list of media members.

From which ice cream to bring to a sex rendevouz and the great debate surrounding whether you should take your underage paramour boot shopping before or after sexy times, the men featured on have quite a range. Rideout III, pastor of Our God's People Church in Detroit, claimed that station management — including Vice President and General Manager Mike Murri — were informed of sexual harassment allegations by a current employee and failed to address the issue, instead promoting Maddox and moving the woman to a new assignment."They've covered up accusations against one of their main anchors," Rideout said Wednesday morning.In November 2016, he called for a boycott of WDIV-TV, spurred by allegations that then-reporter Lauren Podell had used a racial slur in an off-the-air conversation.Sure, they've caught many a sexual predator and made the world a safer place, but more importantly, they've brought these people, and their hilariously horrible chat logs into the public eye.On the show, Hansen and his team pose as underage girls, chatting online with older men, setting up romantic encounters. Here's Hansen and a bunch of cameras to arrest you!Maddox is a former Marine who started off as a photojournalist and television news reporter.

Clear the air here; this isn't some religious "sex is bad" post.WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) put news anchor Malcom Maddox on administrative leave Wednesday after the station was accused, at a news conference Wednesday morning of brushing aside allegations of sexual harassment made against Maddox. In August 2016, according to a Free Press article, he spoke about plans to protest against Donald Trump at the Great Faith Ministries, the Detroit church that the then-GOP candidate would soon visit. Rideout has been an outspoken voice in metro Detroit on other issues.He did not offer physical evidence during the news conference.The reverend said the woman wanted to remain anonymous.She said: "My friend made the mistake of letting me play Tinder on her phone." Bet she didn’t swipe right for that one.

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