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Zo ook het project Bosveld op een stuk grond van 11.000 vierkante meter waar negen geschakelde woningen zijn neergezet.

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Some of these parameters, such as occupancy schemes and vulnerabilities, have been carried over from the U. version on the presumption of regional similarities between Canadian provinces and states south of the border.It was the first of MEC’s mountain bike trips along B.C.’s Sea-to-Sky Corridor, part of the outdoor retailer co-op’s foray into adventure travel, and included stops in Whistler, Squamish, Pemberton and the South Chilcotins.Uiteraard zijn deze ook te zien in onze Thermo Noord Expressen.Lees meer Blauwe Lijn biedt een compleet assortiment meetinstrumenten voor HVAC-doeleinden, waaronder rookgasanalysers, drukmeters, temperatuurmeters, gaslekzoekers en luchtsnelheidsmeters.Still, on day one, I didn’t know what I was in for.

I met the other riders at the North Vancouver MEC on a Sunday.My companions for the week were Alan Yeung, 53, a software development director from Ottawa, Dr. Murray Cuff, 60, a retired military periodontist from Victoria.Ball and Cuff met in dentistry school at Western University and the two met Yeung through mountain biking in Ottawa. When you enter a forest with Ronda Murdock, you introduce yourself to plants, you imagine your feet planting roots and you just might make friends with a tree. It’s a meditative-like practice which involves immersing oneself in nature, sometimes with a guide, like Murdock, and interacting with your surroundings using all five senses.When my editor sent me an email this spring asking, “Do you bike?Could you go on an intermediate guided bike trip in B. on a mountain bike with MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-Op)? For seven days in July, I rode some of the world’s best trails, met bad-ass mountain bikers and took in jaw-dropping scenery on a trip easily described as once in a lifetime.De inrichting ervan wordt geheel aan eigen initiatief overgelaten.