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The best known is that of il-Madonna Omm tal-Hniena, better known as tac-Cicri.

From the time of the Aragonese onwards (AD 1282), a community began to take shape.The history of iz-Zebbug goes back to very early times.So much so that next to the village on the flat-topped hill of Ta' Kuljat there was a Bronze Age settlement (1500-700 BC).Tremors were felt in Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, Sanming, Putian and other regions in Fujian Province after a 6.5-magnitude earthquake which jolted waters near Taiwan's Hualien County at p.m. Two people were killed and more than 200 injured in the quake.Since February 4th , 2018, about 100 sensible earthquakes have jolted the area.Iz-Zebbugin are known for the high quality of their bizzilla, lace; nsig, weaving; and kutri tas-suf, woollen blankets.

The villagers are very proud of their religious heritage, as judged for example, from the priority given to the maintenance of street niches.

Some wild olive trees must have been growing beneath the south-east ridge of the village and not on its top, where the north-westerly winds are strong enough to uproot them.

It was from these zebbug that eventually the hill got its name.

The name of the village is first recorded as zebugi in a document related to the foundation of a religious chantry on 1 September 1492.

The motto of the village is Terra Sublimis meaning Land giving the best meaning of the village situated so high that can be easily seen from all parts of Gozo.

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