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In fact, he wants to change the connotation of the word "stoner.”But are the acts on Seshroulette legal?

If the authorities do decide to come knocking, the site doesn’t make it terribly easy for them to follow the smoke.“I mean I don't think that would happen.""They say it’s anonymously tracked," I offered."Yeah," Amanda said, "and everyone loves weed :)"The most negative reaction Dan has faced so far has come from High, another “stoner website,” where users submit ideas and thoughts they had while high.It gets over 170,000 unique visits a month, according to Quantcast, and has secured both a book deal and a reality-show pilot with Comedy Central that’s being executive produced by Michael Davies’ Embassy Row.Also, there are no acts of indecency allowed on Seshroulette, where the rules warn that transgressors “will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”“I am yet to see a penis on my site,” Dan told me.“And if I or one of my users does, I encourage them to contact me via the tools on the website to make sure we can get rid of them immediately.”He used a clone script to “strike while the iron was hot” and launched Seshroulette nearly overnight.Probably they’re exactly what they look like: young people, just sitting at home and looking for some funky people to smoke with.

Brian Ries is a Philly-born senior editor at and tech and social media editor at The Daily Beast.

It got 1,200 pageviews the first night and has racked up more than 100,000 visitors to date, “which is big for a site with such a small-scale demographic.”When I first tried it out, there were just three potential partners for me to chat with. With a recently launched Facebook application and a frequently updated Tumblog that’s listed in Tumblr’s official directory, Dan’s busy.

One of his goals with the site is to prove that you can smoke marijuana and still be a productive, successful person.

Plus, he said, the two sites just weren’t comparable.“We’re up here and they’re down there,” said Akash.

“We’re more of an original idea, that’s just a Chatroulette clone.”When Dan later created a site that copies High DEAS’ format to provoke them for deleting the posts, Akash wasn’t amused. Each time I refresh, there’s another fresh-faced kid, looking on in anticipation as my camera activates.

As that site grew in popularity, Dan saw an opportunity to create a place where smokers could meet and smoke in a safe environment—one free of the voyeurs and masturbators that plagued Chatroulette in its early iterations.