Gpgnet not updating

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• T2 Mobile missile launchers damage increased 50% • T3 Mobile missile launchers damage increased 100% • Mercy fuel increased from 70 to 110 • T1 Transports can pick up ACUs again.• Overcharge and Energy Storage gameplay improvement.

• UEF T2 Cruiser now can correctly use all weapons simultaneously • Seraphim Advanced Regeneration Field no longer provides a health bonus.Although our desire is to eventually update the Ranked version number, GPG and THQ make no guarantees to that effect, and until further notice Ranked games will require version 3599.• There is no uninstall feature provided with this Patch.• All Units shooting at the Seraphim ACU now aim at the correct bones instead of the feet.• Pausing a Mass Extractor while in mass deficit does now correctly stop mass consumption • Bomb drop prediction corrected on all T1 T2 T3 bombers • Land Experimental cost increased ~20%, the cheaper ones increased more than the expensive ones (percentage wise).Reversion to an older version will require a complete reinstall of Forged Alliance from scratch. • This patch will automatically update both versions 3596 (Retail install from Disc), and the latest officially supported version 3599.

Intermediate builds will require updating to 3599 before installing version 3603.A complete list of patches and officially supported links can be found here: • Automatic update uses registry information to identify the proper install.GPG strongly recommends a fresh reinstall to avoid incompatibility problems with relocated files or installed mods. Poor internet connection can cause delays in the initial authentication process. • There is no uninstall feature provided with this patch.o Energy Storage now costs 250M 1200E (from 120M 2400E), stores 5000E (from 2000E), o explodes for 2000 damage in a 5 radius (from 500 damage 3 radius), and has 500 health (from 1200).o Start resources go to 4000E from 5000E, ACUs now generate 20E instead of 10 to compensate. Damage vs Units is unaltered, damage vs ACUs is 400 (from 100), vs buildings 800 damage (from 500).• Cybran Nuke Warheads now correctly detonate at their impact altitude, and not 20 units above • Nano Regeneration now gives Seraphim SCUs the correct amount of hitpoints (14k instead of 45k) • Seraphim SCU is no longer reclaimable • UEF Lobo t1 artillery health changed from 205 to 200 • Cost (M, E, time) of T2 Gunships decreased by 20% • Decrease T3 Air Transport costs by 30% (final E cost further adjusted by other changes) o Landscout diversification: o Uef damage = 4 ( 2) o Cybran cloak energy drain -5 o Aeon radar range 5, new health = 20 (-3) o Seraphim radar range 5 • T3 Air Energy costs increased 50%, with the exception of the Solace and Air superiority Fighters, who increased 100%.

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