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The archaeology at Tell el-Dab’a provides numerous indications of foreigners throughout the stratigraphy which can be used, in addition to previous interpretations, to establish a relative timeline of occupation and migration.Stratum e/1-3 contains material of a purely Egyptian cultural context dating to the early twelfth dynasty, where as Stratum H = d/2 exhibits evidence of the first newcomers, after a hiatus, who were already egyptianised.[4] Syrian ‘Mittelsaal’ houses and a ‘Breitraum’ house give an indication of the origin of the inhabitants along with burials yielding foreign weaponry and donkey burials typical of contemporary Syrian traditions.

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Because of that, I almost feared I’d become a PSG: Perpetual Single Girl (I just made that term up). NOT short for Leonardo, which would have been pretty cool, and CERTAINLY not short for Leonard which is what I dead-ass thought his name was for a good three months of dating. For example, Stratum G/4 = d/1 exhibits Asiatic burial customs which continue through to the Hyksos period showing early foreign occupation or influence.Typical Egyptian pottery is still predominant, but sherds of classical Kamares ware and exported ceramics have been discovered within the gardens of the early palace phase.[6] This indicates an economically fuelled immigration with the rapid cultural development of the Tell el-Dab’a.[7] The analysis of burials at Tell el-Dab’a provides a relative picture of foreign progression and occupation.With its finely differentiated stratigraphy Tell el-Dab’a is a great asset to the correction of the earlier established historical records.The archaeology of Tell el-Dab’a offers increasing insight into over three hundred years of history through Strata H to D/2, and is important to the chronology of the second intermediate period and Hyksos rule.But still, fear of past relationship disasters and disappointment loomed over me, so I shut my mouth about it. Not a best friend (seriously), not a family member, not a coworker, a stranger, a priest (lolz)… For about a month, this gun-shy former PSG was beginning a new relationship and was treading WHOLE new territory.

Then, a couple months into dating this person, I dropped the social media atomic bomb. My mother won’t understand any of these words but hopefully you will: I tweeted something, Leo saw it because a mutual friend liked it, Leo then quoted my tweet with some heart-eye emojis (*blushing*) and I responded. No, it was on your President’s favorite social media platform: Twitter. My niece also adores him and my Grandma said he was “a real man,” whatever that means. ), grew up in Long Island, loves sports (particularly baseball – he’s a coach), comes from a big/close-knit family, he’s funny, smart, chivalrous, thoughtful, generous, hard-working and puts up with me for some reason. OK, well that’s great and you seem happy but be honest: do you kindaaaaaaaaa sorta miss the writing material and stories you got from being single? I told him men were trash and I was in the midst of a dating ban. We had way too much fun talking and WAY too much in common to just let this fizzle or worse, be strictly pen pals. I realize people have like, almond milk in their refrigerators longer than that, but it’s a pretty big deal to us.

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