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was an acronym for the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement. When a chance encounter with a young guy at a bar convinces her she looks younger than she is, Liza tries to pass herself off as 26 – with the help of a makeover, courtesy of her best friend Maggie. Based on the novel by Pamela Redmond Satran, “Younger” follows 40-year old Liza, a suddenly single mother who tries to get back into the working world, only to find it’s nearly impossible to start at the bottom at her age.

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Marked woman: MTV personality Chelsea 'Chanel West Coast' Dudley, 26, took to Twitter Wednesday showing off bruises she claims she had received at the hands of police.

Mockumentary based in the border security office of fictional Northend Airport, a small provincial airport which may lack a little in glamour, but still must abide by the same rules as larger international airports When 13-year-old Henry Hart lands a job as Danger, the sidekick-in-training to superhero Captain Man, he must learn to navigate a double life balancing the challenges of 8th grade with the crazy adventures of a real-life crime fighter!

Neurosis intact, Maron is uniquely fascinating, absolutely compelling and brutally funny.

As Leo figures out a way to keep his new pals’ bionic abilities a secret, they help him build self-confidence.

The series chronicles the personal life (and the wild lifestyle) of Rebecca Wright, a tough-as-nails judge serving on the Los Angeles County Circuit Court, whose time off the bench is spent partying and displaying a reckless behavior.

Concerns by the MGM Legal department about possible New York law violations for using the abbreviation “U. Now she just has to make sure no one finds out the secret only she and Maggie share.

ambiguous so it could be viewed as either referring to “Uncle Sam” or the United Nations. Each episode of the television show had an “acknowledgement” credit to the U. Armed with new confidence, she lands a job as an assistant to the temperamental Diana and teams up with her new co-worker and twentysomething Kelsey to make it in the career of her dreams.

And Shay has a strong Instagram following, where she often posts her modeling work.

Shay told Ask that the best compliment she’s ever received was “that my personality was as beautiful as my surface—if not more beautiful.

Part Chilean as well as Irish and German, Shay’s beauty got as much attention as her dance moves, and she began modeling. “I’ve had girls walk up to me and ask me, even ask if they can get a feel,” she told Primitive Shoes.

“Someone told me I have a great face and that I should look into it,” Shay told Primitive Shoes in an interview for the company’s blog. I’ve fallen in love with it ever since, just so fun and laid back.” Shay’s natural curves also help. The curves and good looks have helped her get work for Neutrogena and Nike, as well as photos for .

' Dudley, the daughter of a New York DJ who split her time growing up between North Hollywood and the East Coast, got her start in show business in the late 2000s when professional skateboarder-turned realty TV star Rob Dyrdek offered her a position on his show Fantasy Factory.

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