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Unfortunately, there’s no industry standard that says that krill oil MUST contain 40% or more omega 3 phospholipids to count. Pure phospholipids sell for as much as $300 per kilogram.

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Consumers, who believe that all krill oils are the same, could get the impression that they got a steal of a deal by buying one of these low budget products.

Astaxanthin levels are also at 1.5mg, and that is good.

This label dates from 2011, and some NKO resellers have since adjusted their labels to reflect slightly lower astaxanthin levels in the NKO krill oil supplement to 1.25 mg per 1,000 mg.***Let's turn now to a group of krill oil brands with 0.5% phospholipid levels.

Also, there’s a bit of marketing psychology involved here.

Mega Red Krill Oil comes in smaller capsules (300mg) than other major brands' capsules.

It’s hard for consumers to be positively sure that the krill oil contains relatively low levels of phospholipids if it is not spelled out on the label.

But here are some things to look for: Surrogacy is very famous in different countries.

Therefore, strong astaxanthin content may be important.

Some consumers feel that the combination of krill oil and astaxanthin as a blend is important to them, and they opt for krill oil blends with extra astaxanthin from algae.

Thus you are paying less per bottle, but you are actually getting a smaller amount and fewer total nutrients than if the capsules were 500mg each.

Even 90 capsules of 300 mg each is 10% less than 60 capsules of 500 mg each.

Find to the right an example of such an Azantis pure krill oil label.