Young teens compensated dating

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Young teens compensated dating - craig owens dating

However, she still makes an effort to hide her real name, saying that previous news reports have resulted in a barrage of cyber-bullying.

The ease of the system has girls in Hong Kong turning to compensated dating as a source of extra income; the authorities now see it as a serious problem.

Chief Inspector Lee said in an email that “police do not maintain data regarding the number of persons engaging in compensated dating,” but the trend is being tracked in other ways.

Between July 2015 and February 2017, police arrested 22 men involved in compensated dating, for crimes ranging from “procurement of persons under 16 for making pornography” to “living on earnings of prostitution.” The force maintains a cyber monitoring programme and is also trying to combat compensated dating through seminars for parents, teachers, and students.

More number of school girls is indulging in this to earn money for their shopping and other luxuries.

Sze, (name has been changed) started with this “compensated dating” at a tender age of 16.

Chief Inspector Lee added that the key point of these seminars was to emphasise “the pitfalls of compensated dating”.

Meanwhile, Sandy – who has been doing compensated dating since August last year – is both cheery and completely unabashed about it.‘Sex Work Is Work’ The notoriety of sex work is something that has both emotional and legal consequences for workers in the industry.Lee, a spokesperson for the sex workers’ rights organisation Zi Teng, says that lingering stigma against the industry has influenced the laws that govern it and cut off workers’ rights.She was introduced to it by her classmates through chat forums where she met her male customers.Sze explains that although she made her conditions very clear in the telephone about the charges and the number of times she would have sex, she still had to deal with some pushy customers and some even refused to use protection.A solid chunk of her income comes from this side job – in the past nine months, she has made at least HK,000 from compensated dating.

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