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Note: the suggested examples for studying significant people and past events are non-prescriptive.– Know and understand significant aspects of history: nature of ancient civilisations; expansion & dissolution empires; characteristic features of past non-European societies; achievements & follies of mankind The aims for the new curriculum are taken from the over aims of history Po S & include KS3.

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The Tudors are gone (unless you choose to teach them in the local history study or Britain Beyond 1066). I suspect this is going to be the most difficult for schools to resource and plan.

Some thoughts on the new history curriculum Despite many people’s fears the new history curriculum is not nearly as prescriptive, content-laden or Anglocentric as the original draft suggested it might be.

Stonehenge – Iron Age hill forts: tribal kingdoms, farming, art and culture2.

Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in Britain – study of how British society was shaped by the movement & settlement of different peoples in the period before the Norman Conquest & an in-depth study of how British society was affected by: – Roman- include:- Julius Caesar’s attempted invasion in 55-54 BC- the Roman Empire by AD 42 and the power of its army- successful invasion by Claudius and conquest, including Hadrian’s Wall- British resistance, e.g.

Boudica- “Romanisation” of Britain: sites such as Caerwent and the impact of technology, culture and beliefs, including early Christianity Although there was always a choice between studying the Romans, Anglo-Saxon and Vikings, many schools chose to teach all three.

Note, the content is only suggested & is not too dissimilar to the examples of study for the Romans in Curriculum 2000. AD 410 and the fall of the western Roman Empire Scots invasions from Ireland to north Britain (now Scotland)Anglo-Saxon invasions, settlements and kingdoms: place names andvillage life Anglo-Saxon art and culture Christian conversion – Canterbury, Iona and Lindisfarne The Anglo-Saxon and Viking Studies (along with the Romans) have now become a required part of the KS.2 curriculum.

the first railways or the Battle of Britain I’ve put the Victorians and Britain since 1930 together with this study because although they are far from an exact match there is some similarity.

This unit seems a very exciting opportunity for schools to spread their wings in KS.2 and offers an opportunity for exploring a wide diversity of different areas.4.

Presumably schools can choose to teach the two areas at different times in KS2.

include:- Viking raids and invasion – resistance by Alfred the Great and Athelstan, first king of England – further Viking invasions and Danegeld – Anglo-Saxon laws and justice – Edward the Confessor and his death in 10663.

There does seem a shift in emphasis here, but the difference relies on interpretation of ‘aspects’ & ‘nature’, both terms are ambiguous.

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