Internet dating nz sites

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Internet dating nz sites

The story itself – middle-aged woman looking for a romantic second act, and the Californian everyman with the chiselled good looks who aspired to play the part – could be straight out of a Hollywood script.

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READ MORE: * No-one is guaranteed safety on a networking or dating app * Horror tales from the Tinder world * Confessions of an online dating addict * The '37 per cent' rule of online dating * Online dating is harder for 'classically attractive' women is, Goffard says, "a cautionary tale about the ways that a sociopath, like a predator, can find the victim and tell these victims exactly what they want to hear".

In the case of the too-good-to-be-true dashing doctor-turned-violent conman John Meehan, Goffard says, "this is a craft that he's been practising for decades, pretty much his entire adult life. He was a professional."In Newell, a successful designer and divorced mother of four grown children, Meehan found an easy target.

Understanding its appeal is a complex science, though Goffard says it comes with "identifiable characters in stressful situations who are forced to make life and death decisions: that's always going to be interesting".

It also lands at a serendipitous moment in Hollywood, as the city (and the business that dominates it) wrestles with a series of high-profile sexual-harassment and assault scandals."It has struck at a time when toxic masculinity is very much in the news, where stories of sexual assault are in the news with alarming frequency," Goffard says.

(But) at the heart, it is a mystery in the profoundest sense.

It's full of questions to which there are no answers."The first draft of . One of Goffard's editors was compelled by the story and suggested that if he had any material on tape they might consider it instead for the podcast format.

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"I thought Debra was very brave in agreeing to tell me her stories, some of which is incredibly personal.

I think her impulse was she wanted to help people who might look at her story and get some insight into their own situation."Others were not so generous: some members of Newell's family would not speak to Goffard, and other sources agreed to speak but would not go on tape."I tried very hard to be sensitive and respectful and aware at all times that it's an enormous responsibility when you're telling a story about the most personal and traumatic thing that has ever happened to somebody," Goffard says. Goffard presented additional material, including new interviews with Meehan's daughters and a private detective connected to the case, at a live event held in December.

"This is a cautionary tale about what can go wrong in the most extreme way." also comes with a denouement worthy of the best Hollywood thriller; "the details are very carefully arranged to stir you toward that ending so that it feels both surprising and inevitable," Goffard says.

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