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"If at its essence, these entities are essentially selling access to care, that runs counter to the principle of universality that is fundamental to our healthcare system," he says. Manoj Vohra, president of Doctors Nova Scotia, has similar concerns and believes the practice is unethical.

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"Chat with a doctor in your pyjamas," boasts the website. "Many of the manoeuvres that we do in a physical doctors office can easily be done on video," says Belchetz.

"So even things like an orthopedic examination, we can do most of that on video by actually having the patient show us their range of motion, the way they walk, the way they move their joints." Grant is also concerned that people are paying for the service out of pocket.

Grant says companies like Belchetz's are not the answer.

"I think it would be inappropriate and unwise to suggest that these private for-profit platforms are a potential solution to the access issues that we're facing," he says.

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"The department is concerned about the migration of these services from a setting where all insured residents receive them on uniform terms and conditions to one where the ability to pay determines whether the patient has access," says Eric Morrissette in a statement.

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