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Whatever you call it, it’s a small complex that houses maybe a dozen people who work on the project to archive Hubbard’s works. Would she take the opportunity to escape if she could?Since she was transferred there, Shelly, who once was a major figure in the church and even helped select girlfriends for Tom Cruise, has attended no public church events and has not even been allowed to see her own family. We reported in 2013 that Shelly does have some limited communication with the outside world, and was asked by a family member how she might be able to leave the base.

At the beginning of 2004, Miscavige had ordered dozens of top executives into a locked room, calling them “SPs.” (A “suppressive person” is someone with evil intention to Scientology — being declared an SP is the church’s form of excommunication.) Over time, that office-prison became known as “The Hole” as up to 100 base executives were held in it day and night, sleeping on the floor and eating from buckets of soupy slop. Every Sea Org official walked on eggshells around him, and were hypersensitive to any of his rants, looking for ways to stay in his good graces. Miscavige announced that he was going to Los Angeles to work on a new set of re-edited L. (They would come out in 2007 and be called “The Basics,” and every Scientologist would be pressured to purchase multiple sets, with lectures, for about ,000 each.) Shelly, however, said she was staying at Int Base.The compound is the headquarters for Scientology’s most secretive entity, the Church of Spiritual Technology.We’ve written extensively about CST and its underground vaults, where L. But it was a full ten years ago, say our eyewitness sources, that Shelly Miscavige vanished. It might have been late August, or it might have been early September.Miscavige also had continually groused that he was going to need to move out of his quarters in the “Villas” — three buildings on the north side of the property — so they could be renovated and turned over to CMO Int, one of upper management’s alphabet soup of entities.

“I’m going to give you the Villas, you assholes,” Miscavige would taunt his top lieutenants.

When we started writing about Shelly and her strange situation, back in 2012, there was some confusion about the timing of her disappearance.

But since then we developed new sources who were at Int Base and personally saw the events leading up to Shelly’s sudden departure.

The young woman did what she was told, and she stayed at the Base. She filled the org chart with names, and then informed those employees that they had new jobs.

[Miscavige had complained bitterly that an “org board” — a personnel chart for the base — had long gone unfinished.] Finally, the org chart would no longer be an issue.

So while he was gone, Shelly finally made that happen.

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