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And if being constantly wet wasn’t bad enough, Georgie also had to master sword fighting.‘The worst thing happened in a sword scene in which I had to fight off four grown men.We had almost got it right on the first take but the camera missed an important bit where I kick one of the men in, er, a not-so-very-nice place, and they wanted me to do it again.

I have confidence in my personality, because I think that if I talk to people hopefully they will like me, but I don’t have confidence in my body.

She will take her GCSEs next summer and admits to being conscientious about schoolwork. I am a bit of a geek – a geek with friends, if you know what I mean.

I am not a loner but I do work hard and, although my future is a little ambiguous, I wouldn’t rule out going to university,’ she says.

Georgie acknowledges that she has come across a little jealousy at school, but never among her group of friends, which is made up of a ‘nice little set of girls’ and a wider group of boys who she feels comfortable with.

Now and again during our interview she refers to boys as ‘fit’ or ‘cute’ and talks of her teenage crushes.‘I did like Russell Brand, but he has gone for Katy Perry and I am not like her at all. I am definitely viewed as the ugly duckling in my group.

Lucy is the younger sibling of Peter, Edmund and Susan, and is arguably the most important of the four Pevensie children, with a closer link to Aslan the lion and a stronger belief in the magical world of Narnia.

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is regarded as Lucy’s book, and the two eldest siblings, Susan and Peter, are not involved (although they do, Georgie confides, make a guest appearance in the film).Much of the credit for the fact that Georgie is so unspoilt must go to her mother Helen (here today as her chaperone but discreetly absent from our interview) and her father Mike, a lawyer, who have ensured that their youngest daughter’s education (she attends the prestigious Bradford Grammar School) comes before her acting career and that the balance of the Henleys’ family life is not disturbed by her success.‘My mother treats me exactly the same as she has always done, and the same as my older sisters.The girl who has grown up before our eyes playing Lucy Pevensie in the Narnia films (the third of which, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, is released next month) loves, in no particular order, Robert Pattinson, The X Factor, Brandon Flowers, Topshop, her best friend Emma, her cat Ruby, her Black Berry, her sisters Rachael and Laura, her mum and dad, The Inbetweeners, chocolate cake and fajitas.On one level Georgie is surprisingly mature, but on another she is admirably normal, with her feet (today in a pair of Asos ankle boots) firmly rooted in Ilkley, Yorkshire, where she lives, rather than the glamorous surroundings of London’s Dorchester Hotel, in which we meet.The plot involves Lucy, her brother Edmund (played by 19-year-old Skandar Keynes) and their cousin Eustace (17-year-old Will Poulter) entering the world of Narnia through a picture of a ship and meeting up again with Prince Caspian (29-year-old Ben Barnes).

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