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Free web 1 2 1 chatrooms - Sex chat with a random person

To start using Linked In you need to register and create a profile page.

After observing and running an analysis on hundreds of Social Networking sites I have listed down 40 most popular social networks across countries. Facebook: To access, you must create an account on the site which is free.

Facebook's terms of use state that members must be at least 13 years old with valid email ID's.

After updating you're details, your Facebook profile is generated. My Space: On My Space, your social network starts growing from the first day.

There are more than 75 million professionals registered on Linked In. Bebo: In the United Kingdom, Bebo is the second best social network.

Bebo allows users to create social networking profiles for free.

You can meet others in public rooms (nightclubs, restaurants, shops) and create private rooms for selected friends.

Habbo employees heavily moderate the site, catering to its solid teen user base.

As part of terms of My Space, the user must be at least 14 years old to register. Twitter: Twitter is a very simple service that is rapidly becoming one of the most talked-about social networking service providers.

When you have a Twitter account, you can use the service to post and receive messages to a network of contacts, as opposed to send bulk email messages.

You can connect to any publically accessible XMPP/Jabber server, either from a public provider, or one you have set up yourself. With you can register an account on any public XMPP server that allows registration.

is a software commons; available at no cost to you or anyone else.

You can start using it here immediately, or you can integrate it into your own website.

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