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Another old wives tale is based around using the baby’s heart rate as a predictor for what gender they will be.

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It makes perfect sense that on any given day a baby’s heart rate will rise and fall according to what it is up to.

So why not have a little fun just to break the monotony and see if you can both take a punt of whether you are having a boy or a girl?

This is a harmless aside to what can otherwise be a fairly routine and predictable health assessment.

As the baby matures, the heart rate adjusts to its size.

Likewise, the more active the baby, the higher their heart rate will be.

It can get really confusing if you’re listening to both the cord and the heartbeat at the same time.

Doing this also increases the likelihood that you’ll think you’re having a girl because you’re counting more than just the heart beat.This theory states that if the foetal heart rate is above 140 beats per minute (?This is, after all, where the normal foetal heart rate commonly lies.This can be detected from around eight week’s gestation when your health care professional will use a hand held Doppler.You can ask them to count the number of or do this yourself; just make sure you have a second hand on your watch for accuracy.Although it seems like a cute idea and perhaps makes a little sense, there is no science to back it up. However, this little technique is still widely touted as an urban myth and a sure way to determine if a boy or a girl is on their way.

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