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Before she does, she hands Nushka a mop and begins to show her how to clean her mess.I understood there was there are certainly a number of parallels.

The muted thumping of dance music throughout and some neon lighting completes the location.The story revolves around the lives of five people who each have differing experience with life and death, and whose individual stories collide in the ladies bathroom of a busy nightclub on New Year's eve.The set, by designer David Shields, is a masterpiece – and one of the more elaborate I have seen at the Jack Studio.The focus, therefore, becomes the hysteria and desperation of the characters rather than seeing how they deal with their respective conflicts.I didn't know who to follow or what Pennant's point was.There is some subtle comedy, such as Lizzie's reading of the Commandments which she had overheard Nushka had broken, Nushka's drunken interaction with the bin lid and strong-accented Katya teaching Lizzie how to pronounce "circadian" incorrectly.

I realised, however, that though this play capitalises on the comic potential, it is not a comedy.

Meanwhile Pepper returns after stabbing someone with a knife that Nushka had brought with her.

There's a lot of hysterical shouting and the young girl collapses to the floor.

More shouting and general exasperation ensues until Lizzie sees a vision of her dead son accompanied by the sound of drums which the others can also hear.

She concludes that there is "no understanding" as to why her son died and that now she can leave.

Pepper clearly has something on her mind that she needs to tell her friend – but this becomes all-consuming to Lewis's performance, which is left largely on one note. We meet miscellaneous club-worker Katya (Karina Knapinska) who fulfils the Eastern-European stereotype.

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